What design to choose for wedding invitations?

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What design to choose for wedding invitations?

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Invitations are an important part of wedding and reception organisation – they are a kind of a showcase of the celebration, therefore they are worth paying due attention to. We suggest what should be taken into account when choosing wedding invitations.

What should you remember about?

Wedding stationery is the first form of contact guests have with the ceremony. Properly prepared wedding invitations they have an informative function and announce the nature of the celebration. Wedding invitations should be matched to the theme of your wedding. Their graphic design is a signal for the guests about the style in which the party will be held. It is good if the aesthetics of the invitation will harmonize with the theme colors of the ceremony, such as the decor of the wedding hall, accessories, and flowers.

Savoir vivre when presenting wedding invitations

Many etiquette specialists emphasize, that it is appropriate to write the names of the guests on the invitation by hand, however it is not an obligatory condition. It is much more important to invite the guests together with their companions, and if possible write the guests by name. It is advisable to find out in advance with whom your loved ones are going to appear. When writing out invitations, start with the woman’s name. On the invitation you shouldn’t ask directly for gifts, but with the help of a poem or an icon you can suggest buying for example wine instead of flowers. If you would like guests to give you cash instead of in-kind gifts, you can suggest that you raise money for your honeymoon or apartment. Many brides and grooms choose to ask for candy or pet food to donate to charity.

It is a sign of respect to the guests to hand them the invitations personally. It is necessary, especially in the case of those closest to you. You should give the invitations at least three months before the ceremony, or even earlier, so the guests can make reservations and prepare for the party. The wedding is an expense not only for the bride and groom, but also for the guests, who want to look elegant at the party and give a gift, so it is worth notifying them well in advance.

Choosing the perfect invitations

When designing your wedding invitations, pay attention to the first, representative page, as well as the font and layout of the text. Make sure that the font you choose has Polish characters. Many companies offer the option of ordering sample invitations in advance, so you can compare different models before making your final decision. It’s a good idea to order more invitations, so that you have a backup in case you make a mistake when writing out the invitations.

It is good to choose invitations, which reflect the character of the bride and groom and the planned celebration. If you are planning a sophisticated reception, during which the dominant colors will be beige and gold, it is worth matching to this color scheme elegant wedding invitations. On the first page will work well minimalist initials with gilding, especially if they are placed on paper with a delicate satin finish. Currently very fashionable are invitations in the style of rustic and boho, which are distinguished by floral ornaments and decorations in the form of dried flowers or jute string. A good option is to choose ecru linen paper. If you are looking for invitations with a looser character, it is worth choosing models with funny graphics or choose a personalized option with your drawing. Interesting and funny wedding invitations they will surely stand out from the others and make your loved ones smile.

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