The best movies of all time – these productions are a must see for everyone!

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Popcorn ready, pajamas on and you still don’t know which movie to watch tonight? Take a look at our list and maybe something will appeal to you. There are comedies, dramas, and thrillers!


One of the cult films of Alfred Hitchcock, which is considered one of the best productions ever made. “Vertigo” tells the story of detective John “Scottie” Ferguson, who, because of a fear of heights and dizziness, decides to leave his post. However, the protagonist gives in to the strenuous requests of an old friend and decides to follow his wife, who has been behaving strangely for some time. Hitchcock’s film is an excellent psychological thriller, in which madness and paranoia are presented in an extremely sublime way.

“Citizen Kane”

This is a film almost entirely woven from flashbacks recounting the life of a mysterious newspaper magnate who, on his deathbed, utters one puzzling word, “rose.” The intrigued journalists embark on a frantic investigation that gradually reveals who Citizen Kane was, how he became successful, what his life path was like and, finally, the meaning behind the word he uttered shortly before his death. Lovers of good cinema and real-life detectives will certainly appreciate Orson Welles’ film.

“Rules of the Game”

French black and white comedy of manners directed by Jean Renoir, considered by critics as one of the greatest achievements in the history of European cinema. The starting point of the plot is the misunderstandings caused by the presence of as many as three love triangles, thanks to which new intrigues keep piling up. It is not easy to find out who is with whom and why, especially since each arrangement can be questioned at any time. Eventually, the tension between the characters reaches its peak and leads to tragic events. The atmosphere of impending World War II is palpable in every minute of the film, although it is not lacking a huge dose of humor either.

“Tokyo Story”

The leading achievement of Yasujiro Ozu is considered “the most Japanese of Japanese directors”. The plot of the film is quite simple: an elderly couple comes to Tokyo to visit their children. However, the children are too absorbed in their own activities to make time for them, so they send their parents to a nearby resort, which is not to their liking. The only person who shows them warmth and is genuinely happy to see them is their late son’s widow. “Tokyo Story” is a nostalgic film about two generations that do not find a common ground. 

“The Godfather”

Who hasn’t heard of this gangster drama directed by Francis Ford Coppola? “The Godfather” is a symbol of the era of the formation of mafia clans around the world. The criminal dimension of the film is closely intertwined with family relations, the intricacy of which has not changed over the fifty years that have passed since the first part of “The Godfather” was released. The film shows the relationships between the heads of criminal clans. Times are changing, and wise old Vito Corleone can’t keep up with them. To help comes the young, dashing son Michael. In his hands, the Corleone family is once again fighting for leadership in the criminal spheres.

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