Dog training – is it worth it?

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Dog training is about caring and nurturing. It is the same as with children. Four-legs are members of the family and not only their basic living needs should be met, but also their well-being, self-confidence and development should be taken care of. These aspects are best influenced by proper stimulation of our dog through individually tailored training

What is it about training?

Opponents of training are usually people who don’t fully realize what it actually is and how positive influence it has on our dog. Learning commands and basic knowledge of proper habits is good not only for troublesome pets. It should be remembered, however, that animal training requires a lot of patience and time, which we will devote to hours of exercises with your pet to achieve satisfactory results. As with everything, nothing ever comes quickly, so do not give up at the first failure.

Animal training is recommended for owners of dogs that cause a lot of trouble and display unwanted and undesirable behavior. Training is also an excellent choice for show dogs, which should behave in a certain way. Exercise with dogs can be done in two ways – on your own or with the right professional. Training at home is a great way to spend time with your pet, good fun for both of you and an opportunity to teach your dog the commands you care most about. Everything is done according to our scheme and plan and at our own pace. Help of a specialist is most often needed in case of really difficult dogs, whose behavior either poses a real danger or negatively influences ordinary daily life. This is definitely a faster form, giving real results after just a few meetings. Training will allow for a better life and a better human-dog relationship.

Advantages of proper dog training

Keep in mind that training a dog is about learning how to follow different commands, how to control behavior and how to behave in a human world with a million rules. It is always easier to teach your pet tricks and commands if you have a really good bond with him and are not just an owner for him, but also a guardian and a guide. Training alone is not enough to make a dog a good four-legged dog, likewise, just loving it is also not enough. In order to have an arranged dog that will be happy, it is necessary to combine love and nurturing with proper training that will stimulate our pet in the right way. Training is an important step that will pay off in the future

Dogfabric – Dog obedience training – what does it look like at

If we start training a dog, it is important to develop a plan which will help us to achieve all the goals we have set, but above all will be tailored to the skills and abilities of our pet. There is a certain set of commands, which are extremely important and it is worth putting proper effort into learning them to our pet. These are also commands which can really help in various situations or even save lives. Such commands include
:- recall,
– command “leave”





It is also a good idea to start training your dog with these commands. Just before starting the training, it is worth practising with your dog focusing on the handler, which will allow for effective learning and walking on a loose leash. This is very important, as it allows for total dedication to the common goal of learning appropriate responses. Every dog needs mental stimulation, just as humans do. Adequate reward for the effort a dog puts into learning is always a good motivation to keep working. Dogs are animals that are adapted to hunting. Years of domestication, somewhat eliminated this character trait, but still, dogs are hunters and feel the need to chase prey. Learning and rewarding allow the dog to fight for the treats and set further challenges, which they want to achieve. You should know that proper stimulation of the dog’s brain delays dog aging.

Training your dog and exercising with him daily, besides having a good effect on his behavior and brain, also promotes time spent together. This helps build a lasting and unbreakable bond with your pet. It will also allow you to get to know our pet and see him in a completely different light. Trained dogs are cooperative and love to meet our expectations. Dog training is beneficial to the overall fitness and form of our pet. Exercises such as backing, rolling, or getting to the leg make dogs exercise their muscles. This, in turn, positively influences his mood, happiness and health. What is the most important, training is super fun for our pet and ourselves. Dogs that know tricks are more appreciated and gain the affection of people around them faster.

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