How do I groom my horse’s coat?

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Horses are beautiful and very noble animals. Riding is one of the most rewarding sports and engaging hobbies. Every animal lover dreams about getting on a horse and having a direct relationship with it while riding

However, owning a steed involves not only the pleasure of riding it, but also the proper care and grooming. See how you can take care of your horse’s coat.

Well-groomed skin – well-groomed coat

The condition of a horse’s skin, as with any other animal, has a direct bearing on the appearance of its coat. Washing the skin and coat with appropriate shampoos and caring for them with oils has a very positive effect on the condition and appearance of the animal.

Proper cleaning of the skin from sweat, sebum and dust deposits also affects new hair growth, because it unblocks hair follicles and allows thickening of the coat. The oils also moisturize the skin and shine the coat and protect it from mechanical damage that can occur on a daily basis

Cleaning and combing the coat

It should be a daily practice for every horseman to groom his animal. Special brushes for this purpose are offered by the farm store. They are usually made of plastic and their needles are short and stiff, but not too sharp so that they do not scratch the skin

Regularly cleaning the coat of dust, dust, hay and foreign matter helps avoid many skin problems, such as dandruff. It also nurtures the coat, giving it a certain direction of growth. What’s more, brushing is also a massage for the skin, making the coat grow thicker and more lush. In addition to a plastic brush, a bristle brush will also be useful for grooming your horse, as it is able to gently but more thoroughly clean the coat of hidden deeper dirt

Proper diet

Just as with humans, the horse’s diet has a direct effect on its appearance, which includes its skin and coat. A thick, glossy coat and healthy skin have their basis in exactly what the horse eats. The basis of a horse’s diet should be natural, fresh hay from a reliable source. Dried grass must not contain fertilizers or heavy metals. The healthiest and most nutritious is hay with a high content of alfalfa, while more acidic grasses are not so beneficial to health. A horse weighing about 450 kg should eat about 8 kg of hay daily

In addition to hay, the animal must also be given appropriate feed. Complete feed for a horse is supposed to supplement possible deficiencies in the organism, provide necessary vitamins and minerals. For sport horses it is worthwhile choosing high energy feeds, which will help to replenish calories burned during training

Also consumption of fresh products positively influences on health and appearance of the horse’s coat, however it is worthwhile being careful with popular vegetables and fruits. Too large quantities of carrots or apples can cause sugar spikes and weight gain, as well as bloating.

Horses also won’t disdain fresh grass and herbs, but you can’t graze them on meadows and fields near busy streets or farm fields, because of the high content of heavy metals from exhaust fumes and remnants of fertilizers from the fields, which are harmful. It is also quite natural that horses like to nibble on leaves from bushes with twigs, and even bark from trees. However, you should control whether the grazing area is free of plants that are harmful and poisonous to horses or thorny bushes that can injure the animal’s mouth

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