Horse Blankets: Why they are a necessity for your horses?

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Horse blankets aren’t just used in the winter. In fact, most people only buy blankets when it’s cold out, but blankets are incredibly useful all year long! Blankets aren’t just accessories to keep your horse warm, they’re also an investment that can improve your horse’s health, comfort, and performance over time. If you’re thinking about adding more blankets to your horse’s stable, read on to learn about the many uses of blankets and why they are necessary all year long! 

Why do horses need blankets?

If you’ve ever looked after a horse, then you know that keeping them warm is one of your primary responsibilities. Even if they live outside all year round, they’ll still need access to blankets. In addition to keeping them warm, blankets can also be used to protect horses from sunburn and insect bites. 

Horse owners may think that their horses only need blankets during cold weather months, but even in sunny regions temperatures can dip in cool evenings or at night. There are several reasons why it’s important to keep your horse properly covered at all times—even when it’s warm out. The most obvious reason is sunburn. If a horse isn’t wearing a blanket, it could get sunburned on any exposed skin and potentially suffer serious damage if they aren’t cared for quickly enough.

In addition to keeping them safe from sunburn, blankets also help protect against insect bites as well as minor scrapes and cuts caused by sharp objects like rocks or branches. 

Even without an injury, flies can be extremely irritating to horses and cause them discomfort. Blankets also serve another purpose—they reduce stress. A horse who feels secure will be more likely to relax than one who feels vulnerable and unprotected. For these reasons, it’s always best to make sure your horse has access to a blanket whenever you turn him out into his pasture.

When and how to use blankets?

The blankets for horses serve many purposes, so it’s important to know when and how to use them. The blankets should always be used in conjunction with a fly mask and a halter that has ear protection as well. Only use a blanket if your horse is standing in an enclosed area that is safe; never leave him unattended without his blanket on. 

The most common type of horse blanket is made of wool and comes in varying weights depending on what time of year you need it. The heaviest ones are usually reserved for winter months, while lighter blankets are good for summer months. However, there are other types of blankets available besides wool. If you live in a warmer climate, consider using cotton or synthetic materials instead.

There are even reflective blankets available that help keep your horse cool during hot summer days. When choosing a blanket, make sure it fits snugly enough around your horse’s neck so he can’t kick it off easily. In addition, ensure that your horse’s tail isn’t wrapped around his hind legs while wearing a blanket because that could cause injury or lameness. 

Finally, remember to clean and store your horse’s blankets regularly to prevent bacteria buildup.

Types of clothing for your horse

There are three main categories of horse clothing. The first is summer wear, which is a lightweight, loose-fitting, breathable fabric that typically comes in bright colors to help your horse stay cool on hot days. Summer wear is designed to wick moisture away from your horse’s body and prevent sunburn. 

The second type of clothing is turnout clothes, which you should use when it gets cold outside or if you know there will be rain or snow during your ride. Turnout clothes are usually made with a waterproof outer layer and a lining that helps retain heat. 

The third category is protective clothing, which includes blankets, leg wraps, and fly masks—all items used to protect your horse from injury or disease. Blankets can also come in handy when it gets cold out because they help keep heat trapped against your horse’s body so he doesn’t have to work as hard to stay warm.

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