The most interesting pet toys for your cat

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Pet toys for cats are a great way to keep your pet occupied with something while we are away. On the market we can find very different categories of suitable products. How to choose the most interesting?

Home toys for cat – what to pay attention to?

The main problem with the selection of home toys for the cat is that these pets loved by many people can be really capricious. After all, there is a reason why it is often said that “cats walk their own paths”. Also, the toys they choose most often can be different – after all, under natural conditions, a leaf, a feather or a piece of rustling foil are often enough for kittens to play with. There’s no need to mention the cat’s weakness for cardboard boxes.

When choosing the best toy, it’s worth paying attention to:

– product safety: it can not be toxic or threaten to ingest harmful substances,
– price: should depend on durability and quality of workmanship,
– the durability of the product,
– size,
– cleaning method,
– the preferences of our cat (first of all!),
– the age of the cat.

What is the function of home toys for cats?

Household toys are, first of all, important objects for taming the vital forces and the enormous energy dormant in every kitten. This is especially important for small kittens, which are extremely mobile, curious and prone to mischief. Besides, investing in toys will save furniture, curtains and other home equipment. Products designed for small cats should be lightweight and small in size. Balls or mice work well, for example.

Household toys for cats – types

When choosing a specific house toy for your cat, you will come across several categories of products.

The most important of these are:
– scented toys with catnip,
– houses and tunnels,
– mice,
– lights and lasers,
– interactive toys.

It is good to provide your pet with different types of products. For example, scented toys with catnip take advantage of the weakness of domestic pets for this plant – its scent works on animals as if they were in a narcotic trance: they roll in the smell, purr, meow and bite the toy. Of course, this is a completely natural and positive phenomenon.

You can also be tempted to give our pet a slightly more expensive, but very intriguing interactive toy. It can be a combination of a motor and a simple mechanism with a traditional cat mouse – except that in the interactive version, the toy will actually run away from the little domestic predator. He will have a lot of fun with it and not so quickly lose interest in his “prey”.

Cat houses and tunnels can come in many different versions. From simple ones that look very similar to cardboard boxes loved by our pets, to completely fancy constructions made of plywood or wood. The last ones fulfill several functions at the same time:

– they function as a scratching post for the cat,
– they function as a bed for the animal,
– they are a place to play,
– Not infrequently they are so aesthetically made that they are considered to be a very original piece of furniture decorating the interior.

Domestic toys for cats – make them yourself!

If we like our cat very much, we can be tempted to make him toys with our own hands. The advantage of the DIY option is also the fact that we can make them cheaply from very basic materials, often destined for disposal. We decide ourselves what our pet plays with, so we have an impact on its safety.

DIY cat toys include:

– Mouse made of feather and styrofoam imitation of an egg (popular e.g. in Easter decorations),
– Fishing rod for a cat made of a stick, yarn tied to it, a ball and a few balls,
– box with treats – you can make it from a small cardboard container with holes cut in it, into which the cat will put its paw to get the treats,
– a cork with feathers stuck into it.

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