Dog breeds safe for allergy sufferers

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Allergy to dogs is an unpleasant condition, especially if you are particularly fond of them. If you cannot give up on your dream of owning a pet, choose a hypoallergenic dog breed!

Hypoallergenic dog breeds – is it possible?

Let’s face it up front: there are no completely hypoallergenic dog breeds. There are, however, dogs that are less allergenic than others because they hardly shed, have a specific coat or no coat at all. 

Rough-haired dogs

Dogs with this type of coat don’t shed, their hair remains in the skin even after dying. They should be trimmed once every six months to remove old, dull hair. Otherwise, the dog may develop folliculitis.


There are three varieties of schnauzers that vary in size: miniature, medium and giant. Schnauzers are quick and eager to learn new commands and are friendly towards people and other dogs.

Jack Russell terrier

The Jack Russell terrier known from the movies is a dog you won’t get bored with. He is very active, so if you are a couch potato, look for another companion. Jack loves change of environment, he gets attached to a person, not to a place. So if you are a restless spirit, his choice will be a hit!

Long-haired dogs

Some long-haired dogs don’t have an undercoat, so they don’t shed. However, grooming their coats can be a challenge. Long-haired dogs should be combed daily and washed at least twice a month with special products. 

Afghan Hound

Proud, graceful and resilient. The Afghan Hound is an obedient and submissive dog, which will not try to dominate you. It is worth working with him from a young age, otherwise he will be afraid of both people and animals. It tolerates penetrating sounds and noise badly, so it is not a good choice for families with children.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkies are energetic and friendly dogs. They are not easy to train due to their stubborn nature, but they do well in small apartments.

Shih tzu

A dog with a stable character and balanced psyche that rarely barks without reason. The Shih tzu enjoys long walks, but gets used to longer stays indoors with no problem. The dog is also very favorably disposed to children.

Dogs with Curly Coats

Lovers of dogs prone to allergies should also look out for pets with a curly coat. Such dogs do not shed, but their hair tends to form tangles, so they need to be combed, clipped and bathed regularly.


Very energetic dogs, they require long and regular walks. They are also easy to train, which is why they are considered to be one of the smartest breeds.

Lagotto romagnolo

One of the oldest breeds of dogs that are leaders and fetchers. You need to give this dog a lot of attention, otherwise it will start to grumble and whimper. For this reason, it should not be left at home for long periods of time.

Naked dogs

These dogs do not have hair, but they have dandruff, so they need to be bathed regularly. The owner must also make sure that the dog’s skin does not get dry. In the winter, naked dogs need to be dressed, and in the summer, they need to be guarded from prolonged exposure to the sun.

American Hairless Terrier

It is easy to train, so it will be a great choice for people who are getting a pet for the first time. However, it should be remembered that it tolerates loneliness and boredom badly.

The Peruvian Naked Dog

Peruvians are very attached to their family. They need regular walks and playtime, especially mental play, as they are extremely intelligent. The Peruvian can also be made into a defense dog.

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