Your guide to pre-rolls: Rolling Cannabis in easy steps

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If you enjoy the convenience and pleasure of smoking cannabis, then learning how to roll a pre-roll is an essential skill. Pre-rolls are pre-made joints that offer a quick and effortless way to enjoy your favorite herb. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking to refine your rolling technique, this guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of rolling the perfect pre-roll.

Gather your materials

Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary materials ready:

High-quality cannabis

Choose your favorite strain of cannabis that you wish to enjoy in your pre-roll.

Rolling papers

Purchase good-quality rolling papers from a trusted brand. Standard 1 ¼ or king-sized papers are ideal for pre-rolls.


Use a grinder to break down your cannabis buds evenly, ensuring a smooth and consistent burn.

Filter tips

Also known as crutches or roaches, filter tips will give your pre-roll structure and prevent any loose bits of cannabis from falling out.

Tray or rolling surface

Having a flat surface or rolling tray will keep your workspace organized and make it easier to handle the rolling process.

Prepare the cannabis

Take your well-dried cannabis buds and place them in the grinder. Grind the buds until you achieve the desired consistency. Make sure not to grind it too fine, as this may result in a harsh smoke.

Assemble the filter tip

Take the filter tip and hold it between your fingers. Roll it gently between your fingers to create a cylinder shape. You can also use pre-rolled filter tips, which are available in most smoke shops.

Fill the rolling paper

Hold the rolling paper in one hand with the adhesive strip facing you. Spread the ground cannabis evenly along the paper’s crease. Distribute it in a line shape, leaving some space at the top to close the joint later. Place the filter tip at one end of the paper.

Shape and roll

With your thumbs and forefingers, carefully begin to shape the cannabis into a cylindrical form. Gradually roll the paper back and forth to pack the cannabis evenly inside. Once the cannabis is uniformly distributed, use your thumbs to tuck the paper closest to you around the cannabis. In this case, you’ll also find a commercial pre-roll machine useful, which will save you time.

Seal the deal

Moisten the adhesive strip of the rolling paper slightly with your tongue or a damp cloth. Continue rolling the joint gently, allowing the adhesive to stick and seal the pre-roll.

Pack the pre-roll

Hold the pre-roll vertically with the filter tip at the bottom. Lightly tap the filter end on a flat surface to settle the cannabis and ensure a smooth burn.

Twist the tip

Twist the open end of the pre-roll to prevent any cannabis from falling out and to ensure a well-constructed joint.

Enjoy responsibly

Now that you’ve successfully rolled your pre-roll, it’s time to enjoy your creation responsibly. Find a comfortable and safe environment, light up, and savor the experience.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t worry if your first few attempts aren’t flawless. With time and patience, you’ll become a pre-roll rolling master, impressing your friends and indulging in your favorite herb whenever you desire.

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