Mastering the Art of Beard Styles: How to Wear Facial Hair Fashionably

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In the world of men’s grooming, few things are as iconic and versatile as facial hair. Beards have transcended mere trends to become timeless symbols of masculinity, personality, and style. However, wearing facial hair fashionably requires more than just letting it grow wild. Choosing the right beard style that complements your face shape, grooming it with care, and using the right products are essential steps to elevate your look.

Understand Your Face Shape

Before diving into the realm of beard styles, it’s crucial to understand your face shape. Different face shapes suit specific beard styles better. Here are some popular face shapes and the recommended beard styles:

a) Oval Face: Lucky are those with oval faces, as almost any beard style complements this well-balanced shape. Experiment with various lengths and shapes to find what suits your personality best.

b) Round Face: To add definition to a round face, opt for a beard that elongates your face, such as a goatee or a square-shaped beard with trimmed sides.

c) Square Face: Soften the angles of a square face by sporting a shorter beard with rounded edges, like a classic goatee or a van dyke beard.

d) Oblong Face: If you have an oblong face, a full beard with a bit of length on the chin can work wonders by adding width to your face.

e) Heart-shaped Face: Balance a heart-shaped face with a goatee or a chin strap beard to draw attention away from the forehead.

Selecting the Right Beard Style

Now that you understand your face shape, it’s time to choose a beard style that reflects your personality and fits your face. Some timeless beard styles to consider are:

a) The Classic Full Beard: A symbol of rugged masculinity, the full beard exudes confidence and maturity. Keep it well-groomed by regularly trimming and moisturizing with products from

b) The Goatee: A goatee offers a stylish and refined look, suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Pair it with a well-groomed mustache for added flair.

c) The Stubble: For a rugged yet sophisticated appearance, embrace the stubble. It requires minimal maintenance and suits most face shapes.

d) The Beardstache: Combining a mustache with a beard, the beardstache is a contemporary style that strikes the perfect balance between refined and bold.

e) The Van Dyke: A combination of a goatee and a mustache, the Van Dyke provides a vintage charm and suits those looking for a distinctive appearance.

Grooming Your Beard

A fashionable beard requires regular maintenance. Here are some grooming tips to keep your facial hair looking its best:

a) Washing: Cleanse your beard regularly with a beard-specific shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt, excess oil, and product buildup. The products from offer natural ingredients that nourish both your beard and the underlying skin.

b) Trimming: Invest in quality beard trimming tools and keep your chosen style in shape. Trim any stray hairs and maintain the length according to your desired style.

c) Moisturizing: Keeping your beard and skin beneath well-hydrated is essential to avoid dryness and itchiness. Use beard oils or balms from to nourish your facial hair and promote healthy growth.

d) Comb and Brush: Regularly comb or brush your beard to untangle knots and distribute the natural oils, leaving your beard looking neat and well-groomed.


Wearing facial hair fashionably is an art that requires attention to detail, a keen sense of personal style, and proper grooming. So go ahead, experiment with different styles, and unleash your beard’s potential!

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