Fantasy classics you need to watch

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Want to escape everyday life for a while? Take a break and let yourself be drawn into a fantastic trip through a mysterious labyrinth, forests and ravines full of legendary creatures, or through the phantasmagoric world of recurring time!

“Pan’s Labyrinth”

“Labyrinth of the Faun” is a spooky and engrossing story about an uneasy period for Spain. It is 1944. The civil war is over, the bloody reign of Francisco Franco has begun. Two narrative lines are interwoven in the film. The first tells the story of the troubled situation in the country and the struggle of the brave guerrillas against Franco’s regime. The second is devoted to the girl Ofelia, or rather her imagination and dreams. The world in which Ophelia lives is as cruel as the reality that surrounds her, so after watching the film, you won’t dare say that you watched a trivial fairy tale.

Trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”

“The Lord of the Rings” – on a par with “Harry Potter”. – is a classic recognized by many influential cinema experts and, of course, viewers themselves. Although the author of the novel objected to its film adaptation, Peter Jackson did not compromise, as he offered viewers films that are invariably considered the best fantasy productions in history. The trilogy tells the story of the tiny people of Middle Earth, whose lazy existence is interrupted by the finding of a magic ring by one of the hobbits. It turns out that it is a ring that will allow the ruler of evil to regain power over the world.

“The Manuscript Found in Saragossa”

The film’s protagonist, a captain of the French Napoleonic guard, returns to the castle to take over the inheritance, but puzzling events keep preventing him from doing so. In addition, in one God-cursed inn inhabited by ghosts and demons, a mysterious book comes into his hands, which describes everything that has happened to him so far. Trying to find an explanation for these mystical events, the captain gets into more and more trouble, and meets astonishing people and beautiful women on his way. “The Manuscript Found in Saragossa” is an excellent black-and-white film, starring outstanding Polish actors.

“The Illusionist”

The famous magician Eisenheim attracts the attention of the upper classes of Vienna with his performances, including Princess Sophie – his childhood sweetheart. Unfortunately, Sophie is engaged to Prince Leopold, the power-hungry heir to the throne. The woman soon realizes that she still has feelings for the illusionist. From then on, puzzling events related to Eisenheim begin to happen, which Inspector Uhl tries to unravel. At the sight of the astonishing action you will more than once break out into a cry of surprise, and the excellent acting of the actors will give you a sophisticated pleasure.


One of the most atmospheric fantasy films ever. “Excalibur” is a very dark and bloody version of the legend of King Arthur, far from the colorful medieval tales. Director John Boorman tailored the story of the search for the Grail, but nevertheless told the tragic fate of the King of Britain in accordance with the canon. In addition, the film contains one of the most beautiful fantasy images ever: King Arthur fighting an adversary who first refuses to pay him tribute, and then, in the face of the ruler’s courage and nobility, fulfills the king’s wish.

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