Ways to beat Blue Monday

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Blue Monday has been described as the most depressing day of the year. Its date is movable; this year it falls on January 18. How to deal with this depressing and unpleasant aura? Check out these proven ways to deal with Blue Monday.

Don’t go by the name

It is completely understandable to succumb to the atmosphere of days like Black Friday. After all, the shopping frenzy gets to all of us sometimes. And if you can get better prices on the occasion – it’s a shame not to! If you’ve been lucky enough to score a bargain, you understand the point. However, looking for misfortune and hopelessness on another Monday in January can be disastrous. Think about what your plans were for this day before you received the information that it’s the most depressing day of the year. After it came to your consciousness that you have a right to be angry and complain, is that what you passed the day on? That’s what’s called the power of the subconscious. It’s really just another Monday, maybe a little colder or snowy, but pretty average. It’s only when you realize that people are in a bad mood on this day, and that it’s perfectly normal and acceptable, that it makes you start to have a bad mood too. And it is this knowledge that should make sure that neither this day nor any other day called Blue Monday will ruin your day. Because it’s up to you how much joy and contentment there will be in your life.

Chase away winter depression with colors

There’s no denying, however, that winter and the lack of sunshine can be debilitating. If you’re caught up in the winter malaise, don’t give up and bring some color into your life. Literally! All it takes is colorful accessories to your home. Replace gray curtains with red ones, replace a plain tablecloth with a colorful one, and replace pillows and blankets with those in bright, cheerful colors. This inconspicuous change will make you feel better. Escape from the gray and gloom will also work for your closet. Don’t be afraid to pull out your favorite dress, patterned scarf, or brightly colored handbag from your closet. Play with color indoors and out, and you’ll see how radiant you can look and feel amidst the winter gray. Make Blue Monday a thing of the past.

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Brighten up your surroundings

During the winter, we certainly miss the sunshine. Consider whether your home or work lacks access to daylight. While you may not always be able to do something about the lack of a natural light source in your workplace, you do have that option at home. Open the blinds, pull down the shades, and let as much sun into your home as you can. The day in winter is so short, you should make the most of it!

Boost your endorphin levels

Nothing lifts your mood more than exercise. If you’re feeling the winter blues and want to bury yourself in the sheets at the thought of Blue Monday, do the opposite – work out. The right amount of exercise will make you feel better. And nothing works better for circulation and relaxation than a good workout. You don’t have to go to the gym at all, you can do it at home. Even if you don’t have professional equipment, you can still do a satisfying workout that will increase the endorphins in your body. Especially since after a successful workout, you don’t have to feel remorseful and can munch on your favorite foods, including desserts, with peace of mind!


If you’re afraid that the most depressing day of the year will get to you after all, lock yourself in the bathroom. Is there anything more relaxing than a spa night? We suggest: there isn’t! Prepare in advance and make a plan for your next beauty treatment. You can also let your family know in advance that this is your time to relax and that you will not be disturbed. Your favorite candles, aromatic oils, body massages, masks and mood music – do you need anything else?

Photo: Ava Motive/Pexels

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