How to use air conditioners to avoid catching a cold?

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Air conditioners are often accused of having a negative impact on our health, meanwhile they are perfectly safe and useful devices, provided we know how to use them wisely. We suggest how to choose the right temperature, what modes to use and how to set the air conditioner so that you don’t get a throat infection or a cold.

Set the air conditioner to the lowest speed

If you choose the maximum speed of the air flow, you will lead to a draught in which it is very easy to get a cold, even if you sit far from the device. To avoid creating an artificial draught, reduce the speed of the air conditioner. Believe us, it won’t get warmer, the unit will still cool the room, but without generating cool air streams. We recommend using high speed only at the beginning of the air conditioner’s operation – so that the room will quickly reach the desired temperature. When you reach it, set the speed at 0.2 m/s.

Avoid rapid temperature differences

Rapid temperature differences are perhaps the most common cause of infection. For some reason, we like to cool the room down to 17-18℃ when it’s over 30-degree heat outside the window. When we go from the heated street to a cold room, we cool down our body, resulting in a runny nose and sore throat. In fact, the difference between the temperature outside and the temperature inside the room should not exceed 7℃. So, if it’s 32℃ outside the window, set the air conditioner to 25℃. Take our word for it – you will feel much better at this temperature than at 18℃.

Remember to clean the unit regularly

Colds can also result from the quality of the air you breathe in. Over time, pollen, dust and microorganisms build up on the air conditioner’s internal filters and enter the room with the cooled air. To protect your body from dangerous bacteria, regularly service the unit. All you need to do is remove the filters once a month and wash them with clean water. If your air conditioner has been unused for years, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with a professional to perform a full service on the system.

Change the operating modes

If you have a newer model of air conditioner, there are certainly different modes available for adjusting the position of the louvers. These will allow the cool air to change direction. Advanced models allow horizontal and vertical movement of the louvers, so that the air spreads in different directions. So if you can’t manage to move your favorite couch away from the unit, take advantage of the variable ventilation option.

Don’t forget to ventilate the room

The air conditioner cools and rotates the air, but only the latest models are equipped with a fresh air distribution system. If you have an older model, you need to take care to ventilate the room regularly. Otherwise, the amount of dust, microorganisms and carbon dioxide in it will increase. Ventilation will also help you maintain proper humidity and eliminate unpleasant odors.

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