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For many people SEO for ecommerce websites means only increasing the speed of the website and adjusting its appearance to the expectations of a selected group of customers. In reality, however, the SEO process is a multi-step activity consisting of hundreds of specialized steps. Technical SEO, marketing, user experience and much more. All of them are equally important and difficult, and only fulfilling each of them guarantees good and predictable results.

A Denver SEO expert mentioning to us the analysis conducted by the agency says that most of the pages available on the web not long ago landed at the very end of Google list. If an Internet user types in a phrase closely related to a given industry, despite the correct answer to the question typed into the search bar, it does not result in increased traffic to the site. The result? Much worse results and lower popularity of the site online. With GoShop and other CMSs, along with a concern for user experience and SEO for ecommerce websites itself, the idea is to change that.

Let’s start with an audit…

SEO for ecommerce websites starts with conducting an SEO audit. This activity consists of a thorough analysis of the entire website in terms of its current state, and the evaluation includes source code, speed, the presence of key phrases, user experience and content, or many other aspects that can lead to a decrease in its ranking.

After the audit comes the time to plan further strategy and carefully develop a keyword campaign. Our best specialists like Denver SEO expert, copywriters, programmers and positioners will together design further actions, paying special attention to key phrases.

Phrases are the most important stage, without which the positioning of online stores is virtually impossible. Phrases should precisely define the industry in which the site operates, and also perfectly describe what is on the page. Key phrases are a key aspect of positioning – adds Denver SEO expert. It cannot be taken lightly.

Necessary stages of on-site and off-site positioning

Once the audit is done, it’s time to make the first changes to the site. This process, known in the positioning environment as on-site, involves a thorough modification of the entire source code, including the introduction of key phrases, completing the content, adjusting the speed and removing unnecessary plugins or extensions. It is also not without changes in the user experience and UI.

The next stage involves off-site activities, which usually consist only in acquiring an appropriate number of valuable links leading to a given site. Until recently it was the number of links that counted, now it is the other way around – it is their quality that matters. Therefore it is better to place one link on a site with a good reputation than several dozen on sites without a history and good results in Google.

SEO for ecommerce websites conducted in such a way should eventually lead the chosen website to the top of search results. However, these are not simple and quick actions, so it is worth outsourcing them to a trustworthy company.

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  • Chase Braford 25.07.2022

    SEO is a very complex process, which involves many different activities – keywords, interesting content, backlinks, user experience… It made me feel very overwhelmed. For this reason, I decided to cooperate with an SEO agency. I found it better to entrust this task to specialists, and I was right. They help me in every aspect of positioning. After a detailed audit, they conduct both on-site and off-site SEO actions. All those activities strengthen the position of my website in Google search results.

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