5 ideas for refreshing fruit smoothies

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A fruit smoothie is a great idea to refresh yourself on hot days. Healthy fruit blends can successfully replace any beverage, provide plenty of flavor enjoyment and quench your thirst. If you’re craving a tasty fruit smoothie, check out these top five recipes

Strawberry-Banana Refreshment

This simple recipe can bring a lot of pleasure to your hot day. Since strawberries and bananas are the most readily available, all the essential ingredients are at your fingertips. You need half a pound of washed and cleaned strawberries and one or two bananas, which should be lightly frozen. Now just throw the strawberries and bananas into a blender or mixer and blend. Add 2-3 tablespoons of lemon to taste. At the very end pour everything with kefir or milk in the amount of half a liter. Now it is best to chill the whole thing. Ready!

Coconut magic-mary

This cocktail is the best way to move from your home to a tropical beach. You need one banana, which you mix in a blender with half a cup of coconut flakes. Add in half a lime to taste. Then throw in one seedless date. Another half inch of ginger will come in handy, followed by 1 cup of coconut water. Welcome to paradise beach!

What kind of pineapple are you?

Available all year round, pineapples can easily serve as a summer smoothie idea. Prepare 4 tablespoons of chopped pineapple with juice and combine it with juice squeezed from one lemon. To this add honey, three teaspoons is enough unless you prefer a sweeter variant. Blend all this solidly for a minute or two until the characteristic foam appears. Serve with ice cubes

A reliable fruit shake

Fruit smoothies and shakes are excellent ideas for summer cocktails. But they can even be enjoyed out of season as an imaginative dessert after a tasty dinner. Shake with fruit ice cream, peach and banana will bring a lot of sunshine on a cloudy day. All you have to do is cut the banana into tiny pieces. Do the same with a peach from which you have previously removed the stone. Put the fruit in a blender, then add milk and fruit ice cream. Blend everything until you get a homogeneous mass. The shake is best served right away. It can be additionally cooled with ice cubes.

Ambitious tower of flavours

Finally, here is the recipe for a layered cocktail that looks beautiful and tastes even better. A layered fruit cocktail is a great idea both for parties and for a moment of relaxation alone. You need 300 g of pureed strawberries, which you mix with one banana until it forms a mousse. You do the same with two kiwi fruits, which you mix with another banana. For taste and color you can add some spinach. At the very end, peel one ripe mango and blend it into a smooth mousse. Now check which mixture has the highest density and start filling the glasses with it. Then pour another one and finish with the third – the least dense mix. You get a beautifully looking and tasty fruit cocktail with three layers. It is worth mentioning that you can freeze the whole thing to get a perfect fruit ice cream.

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