How to learn to embroider?

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Do you want to learn how to embroider? We will help you with this. Learn how to prepare a workbench and what techniques to learn at the beginning. Before you start work, prepare yourself solidly, so that this calming activity does not become a source of frustration and nerves!

Embroidery – necessary tools

To start your embroidery adventure, you will need the following tools:

Embroidery needles

When buying needles, pay attention to their tip and eye. Needles with a sharp tip are used for most embroidery. However, cross-stitch embroidery, which is where you usually start learning, requires a needle with a blunt tip. The eye must be large enough to thread ribbon or moulin through it. Its size therefore depends on the thread you decide to embroider with. It is best to buy a set of needles of different sizes, keeping in mind that the larger the size on the package in the description, the thinner the needle.


Canvas, which is a fabric covered with a grid of uniformly sized meshes. Beginners are advised to buy linen or cotton canvass with large meshes. The best choice will be Aida, which is a canvass with printed colored squares, which are extremely helpful in finding the right color in the pattern.

Embroidery threads

There are basically three types of thread: moulin, cordons and tapestry wool. For cross-stitch embroidery, moulin is intended. Cordons, or balls of threads, are used for overlay embroidery, while coarse threads for tapestry embroidery allow you to create beautiful designs on canvas and canvas, but also require more skill in hand knitting.

Cross-stitch embroidery – basic stitches

Once you have all the necessary tools, you can get to work. The adventure with embroidery is best to start with cross-stitch embroidery. The general rule is to embroider from right to left. You also need to learn single stitches to develop the right habits. The first of these is the single cross stitch. Sew through the canvass from underneath, while holding the end of the thread with your finger. Make the cross stitch by going from the left at the bottom to the right at the top, and then from the right at the bottom to the left at the top.

A vertical stitch, on the other hand, is one in which you embroider each cross separately. Start from top right to bottom left, and then cover the cross from top left to bottom right.

You start the basic covering stitch from either the right or left side. If from the right – you stitch to the left to the bottom, and then insert the needle vertically upwards. In this way you get a row of half crosses. Then you go back, doing the so-called covering stitch – you start from the left side at the top to the right at the bottom. In this way you obtain a row of crosses. You can always start from the left side, changing the sewing directions accordingly.

Cross-stitch embroidery 

Once you have mastered the basic stitch techniques, stretch the purchased canvas with the pattern on the tambour. Unpack the moulin, separate it into individual threads and thread it onto the needle. Thread it in from the bottom, leaving enough thread from the bottom. Thread the needle through the window diagonally up and to the right, from top to bottom. You will get the first diagonal line of the cross. Repeat this stitch as many times as you have crosses in the pattern.

You go back and thread the needle again from top to bottom, but this time on a slant up and to the left of where the needle was inserted. When the color is finished, you poke the needle under the knitting and cut, leaving a bit of thread. Remember: you do all colors so that the crosses look to one side.

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