Which alcohol is the most caloric?

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Hardly ever alcohol is associated with calories. Meanwhile, it turns out that alcohol has quite a lot of them. Which types of alcohol contain the most calories?

Caloric value of alcohol – who should pay attention to it?

People on a diet will be most interested in the calorie content of alcohol. Someone who meticulously counts calories all day should also take liquids into account, especially since some alcohols are a real calorie bomb. If you are losing weight, it would be best if you give up alcohol completely. It will definitely work out for your health.

Empty calories – what are they?

You can find a lot of empty calories in alcohol. What are their characteristics? Empty calories are those that are not associated with any nutrients. The body does not really gain anything by consuming them. You want to watch your weight and you care about a healthy lifestyle? Eliminate all empty calories from your daily diet – not only those found in fast-food dishes, but also those found in alcohol.


Beer is one of the drinks we reach for most often, especially in the summer – to cool down. When considering the caloric content of beer, it is necessary to take a closer look at its different types. It will be no secret to anyone that a 0.5 liter bottle of beer will have more calories than beer served in a 0.33 liter bottle. This is just one aspect to pay attention to. Another consideration is the genre. Dark beers are more calorific than light ones. However, the most calories can be found in flavoured beers which are made with the addition of a large amount of sugar. Information on the caloric content of particular beverages can be found on their labels. It is assumed that half a liter of beer contains about 300 calories. For people on a diet, this is a lot.

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Wine is most often consumed with lunch or dinner. It is commonly regarded as one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages (in small doses, of course), and the health benefits of red wine are most often emphasized due to the antioxidants it contains. The darker and sweeter the wine, the more calories it contains. A glass of sweet red wine is about 130 calories.


Relatively the least calories can be found in pure vodka. However, keep in mind that this is a strong alcohol and frequent consumption is not recommended. There is another catch – sweet drinks are a huge amount of calories. The more fruit syrup is added to a drink, the more caloric it will be.

Other drinks

Other alcoholic beverages are also high in calories – gin, whiskey, and tequila are all caloric beverages. Anyone who wants to limit calories in their daily diet should avoid them like the proverbial fire.

When to be careful with alcohol?

  • First of all, alcohol is a drink for adults only. The Polish law provides for criminal sanctions for anyone who serves alcohol or allows its consumption to persons under eighteen.
  • Secondly, pregnant women should avoid alcohol (even the low-alcohol kind). Even a small dose of alcoholic beverage can cause damage to the developing baby. Alcohol should also be avoided while breastfeeding the baby.
  • Thirdly, a topic that should be obvious but still isn’t so for many people. No one should drive after drinking alcohol. Anyone who gets behind the wheel after drinking even one beer is a real danger both to themselves and to other road users.
  • Fourthly, if you practice sports – also limit alcohol consumption. It may have a negative impact on the process of building physical form. A headache on the next day will certainly not encourage you to train intensively.
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