Interesting ideas for decorating walls in your apartment

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Interior design is influenced not only by furniture, but also by decorations, even small ones. If you are planning to slightly refresh the look of your apartment, you do not have to undertake a renovation. It is enough that you slightly change the appearance of the walls.


A simple and quick way to effectively change the decor. A wall mural in a bedroom or a living room will be a stylish addition, and if you choose a suitable pattern – it can also optically enlarge a small interior. Original prints will also add a modern touch to the interior. You can choose between minimalist and more decorative wall murals.

Photos on canvas and in frames

A beautiful keepsake and an interesting decoration in one. Photos on canvas can be a good alternative to posters or traditional photos. There are different formats of canvas, so you can easily match one that will fit best in your home.

A classic and timeless solution is to hang your photos. Nowadays you can choose frames of different shapes, sizes and colors. Some have an additional inscription, such as “Love”, “Friendship”. Such decoration does not cost much and can give the interior a lot of coziness.


They used to be associated with decorations in the room of teenagers. Nowadays, more and more often they are a decoration of various interiors – living room, bedroom and even bathroom. Many posters you can order over the Internet. Some of them are graphics referring to the retro style, while others are futuristic drawings. In fact, the choice is almost unlimited.


They will perfectly fit into classic interiors. If your apartment is more modern, you can bet on slightly more avant-garde works. You can choose reproductions of famous paintings or purchase works painted by local artists.


Many people associate them with classic shelves that hold books. Modern interior design gives you many opportunities to upgrade this solution. If you have a small piece of wall, choose a small bookcase with a finesse shape (e.g. resembling mountains). You can put on it not only books, but also small pots or decorative figurines, which will further allow you to decorate the interior. When it comes to the material, metal bookcases will work better in a loft apartment, and in classic or Scandinavian-style interiors – wooden ones.


In recent years, handmade things are very popular. Their advantage is that they are unique and can be an interesting decorative accent in any interior. On the wall you can hang handmade wooden masks and other decorations made of this material. Another interesting solution may be macramé. They are made of strings of different thickness and interesting colors.

Quotes and inscriptions

Motivating slogans or funny phrases appear on walls more and more often. You can use them not only to express your character, but also to decorate your wall, if for some reason you can’t hang a frame or a framed picture on it. Print stores and stores offer many different solutions. You can choose the format, size and color of the font to match the interior decor so that everything looks consistent.

There are many possibilities to decorate your walls. You are only limited by your imagination. When choosing, be guided by your tastes and the style in which the interior was arranged. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with decorations, combining various ornaments in one room if you care about its unusual arrangement.

Photo: Kam Idris/Unsplash

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