Choosing perennial garden furniture – which model is worth deciding on?

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Choosing garden furniture is not at all an easy thing. You need to consider several factors that determine the comfort of their use, first of all, the material of manufacture. Is the chosen furniture durable? Will they not fade under the influence of the sun? Do they tolerate temperature differences well? Find out what garden furniture is worth investing in so that it will serve you for many years!

Garden furniture made of wood

Wooden garden furniture is an excellent option for lovers of all things natural. Wood is an eco-friendly, long-lasting, but also quite difficult to maintain material. When choosing this type of garden furniture, you should pay special attention to the type of wood it is made of, as well as how it is preserved. Manufacturers of wooden garden furniture usually spray them with agents that protect the wood from decay processes and make it resistant to weathering. The longest-lasting furniture will be made of teff and softwood, although they too require regular varnishing or oiling.

Garden furniture made of metal

Furniture made of metal is a universal solution that can be used in any garden, regardless of the style in which it is decorated. Metal furniture is stable, does not deform and retains its original appearance for a long time thanks to a special anti-corrosion coating. Just remember that due to their weight, the legs of metal tables, chairs and benches easily sink into the ground, so put them on paved surfaces. Another caution. Metal heats up quickly in hot weather and gets colder in cold weather, so be sure to put soft cushions on the seats. If it rains, you can remove them or cover them with waterproof material.

Garden furniture made of rattan

Rattan is a rather capricious material and can deform over time due to sudden temperature differences or the scorching rays of the sun. Many manufacturers today offer artificial rattan furniture set on aluminum frames, assuring customers that they are long-lasting, unafraid of moisture and respond well to temperature spikes. Indeed, technorattan furniture is a more practical and cheaper solution, although in terms of use it is inferior to furniture made of natural rattan, wood, metal or stone.

Garden furniture made of stone

Stone furniture is solid and beautiful, especially when paired with metal. Stone tables and benches will serve you for years without the need for maintenance and hiding for the winter. You just need to remember that, like metal, stone heats up and cools down quickly, which means it’s a good idea to cover them with something for daily use.

What else

Garden furniture can also be made of other material: basalt, cement, laminated glass, etc. Lovers of avant-garde solutions can choose between led-lit furniture or furniture finished with ceramic tile. Perennial materials are many, it is impossible to enumerate them all. When buying, also make your choice dependent on the style in which your garden is maintained. Wooden furniture will fit well into most garden arrangements, as will metal furniture. Rattan furniture goes well in gardens with a rustic and boho vibe.

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