Social games that work well when hanging out with friends

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Autumn meetings with friends, although they are undoubtedly not devoid of a specific charm, usually cannot take place in the open air. Closed in the four walls we do not have to give in to boredom. It is enough to choose board games, which will perfectly pass the test during the time spent together with friends. Here are some of them.

Why is it good to play board games with friends?

In the past, board games were considered to be a bit of a child’s game, but for many years now, their appeal has been appreciated among adult friends. Is it just that they help to kill time? Not necessarily. It is very often a chance for unusual but absorbing entertainment, a lot of fun and much better group integration. To sum up – board games are worth playing for many reasons.


It must be agreed that we very willingly return to games that we remember from childhood or youth. There is nothing strange in this – we would give a lot to be able to return to those carefree moments. The creators of the board game “Mafia”, whose mechanism is based on a very popular party game, thought in a similar way. This psychological game is best played in a large company, exceeding ten people. The rest is not so much to be learned as remembered: we have the Game Master and the rest of the players divided into policemen and mafiosi, who have to be clever and ruthless. Here we shape not only the ability to reason logically, but also to cheat, and even to act


If you’re looking for a game that is able in a short period of time to startle even a rather stiff company, then be sure to pay attention to “Taboo”. The essence of the gameplay is to divide the participants into two opposing teams, in each round one of the players takes cards and with the help of words chosen by him tries to describe to his team as many slogans as possible. There is only one difficulty: under no circumstances is the player allowed to use any of the five words from the card under the word. Simple? Not necessarily. But certainly quite fun. You have to work hard to score points and win.

Hasbro Poland Games – How to play Taboo


A game that people who love the old game of association will definitely like. The narrator chooses one of the cards in his round and gives the association associated with it. The other players have to choose the card that best represents the word given by the narrator. The players then have to guess which of the cards on the table belongs to the person who initiated the game. Easy, but very addictive!

“Black Stories”

Who of us in childhood did not participate in telling scary stories among friends? However, the shivers on the back were always accompanied by great curiosity. Who knows, maybe the game “Black Histories” will have the same effect. It can also turn out to be a great idea for an evening of entertainment in a friendly group. In the story we play detectives who have to solve a criminal mystery. The problem is that our powers of deduction are limited: we can only use a dozen or so questions, the answer to which can only be “YES” or “NO”. However, the master of mysteries must do everything so that only he knows the solution to the riddle, which is on the back of the card. The stories that we will have to unravel are very different – we have a choice of 50 stories with different levels of macabre

“Party time”

A proposal good for every house party. It has many advantages: variety, a lot of humor and the need to involve all participants. Teams draw lots to perform tasks that they will have to do in a very short time. For example, they can take part in puns, rhymes or guessing games. The title is definitely worth trying out

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