10 rock songs of all time

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Popular rock songs that are impossible not to know. Check our list of hits from Poland and abroad!

Lep Zeppelin – a brand in itself

Speaking of cult rock songs of all time, it is impossible not to mention the band Led Zeppelin. Pioneers of hard rock, visionaries and true virtuosos in their craft. Led Zeppelin released so many hits and songs that have become a permanent part of world culture that an entire compilation could be devoted to them alone. When it comes to all-time Zeppelin songs, it is essential to mention: “Stairway to Heaven” and “Whole Lotta Love”.

“Hey Jude”

Britain has spawned rock stars of its own. There is not a fan of this genre in the world who has not heard of The Beatles. Their songs are even the banner of the genre. To name just one rock hit by the foursome from Liverpool seems almost impossible. “Hey Jude” stayed at number one on the Billboard magazine charts for a record nine weeks.

John Lennon – “Imagine”

Lennon wrote the song “Imagine” in the early 1970s. It continues to be played on radio stations around the world. Its content is analyzed in school lessons. This utopian version of the world continually speaks to the hearts of young people around the world.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

Queen, Freddie Mercury and “Bohemian Rhapsody” are slogans that carry the entire message. Virtuosity, visionary and a style beyond any creative framework of rock musicians around the world. In terms of rock song searches, Queen ranks very high.

Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)”

The verse of the song “Another Brick in the Wall” “We don’t need no education” is one of the most famous in rock history, and certainly in the work of the group Pink Floyd. The hopeless education system that is described in the lyrics is meant to be another brick in the mental wall of the lyrical subject’s problems. A strong message, chanted verses by the chorus and a catchy melody make this song an absolute rock hit of all time.

“Brothers in Arms”

Another iconic British rock band on the list is Dire Straits. One of their hits, “Brothers in Arms,” is a true classic of its genre. This rock ballad for many weeks occupied high places in the world charts. The song has been used as a film score several times and has lived to see dozens of covers.

With or without you

Irish band U2 is still one of the most popular rock bands in the world. The artists are extremely prolific musically and have over a dozen rock songs that are absolute hits. The classics of the genre include the ballad “With or Without You”.

Rock – songs from the Polish backyard

The global trend and fashion for playing rock did not bypass Poland. In our local backyard, a lot of successful rock bands have appeared. The list could not do without the cult “Autobiography” by Perfect. Lyrics of this rock song are known to almost every Pole.

Band willingly played on the radio, even those commercial, is also jam. Songs sung by Rysiek Riedel are Polish rock hits of all time. Did any of them particularly influence the career of the band from Silesia? The song “Red Like a Brick” can certainly be mentioned here.

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