Meet the strangest Guinness World Records

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Guinness Book of Records” was first published in 1955. It recorded interesting records, both unusual and funny. Some can chill your blood, but also make you very surprised. Here are some of them

Gushing milk from the eye over the greatest distance

This is one of the most unbelievable and somewhat disgusting Guinness World Records. It was set by Ilker Yilmaz from Turkey, who poured milk into his nose and then ejaculated it using his eye at a distance of 279.5 cm.

The largest airplane that was eaten by a human

It sounds unbelievable, however it is a real record. Michel Lotito can eat things that other people would not even be able to swallow. He can eat both metal and glass – even whole light bulbs! In the 1990s, he began consuming a Cessna 150 aircraft. Lotito owes his extraordinary abilities to his very durable teeth and extremely thick stomach lining.

Fastest toilet bowl

This record is quite funny, and it is due to the combination of a toilet bowl and an internal combustion engine. Such a toilet bowl would definitely not be useful when you want to use the toilet quickly. Its inventor and constructor is Colin Furze, who is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records with other strange ideas. The toilet bowl improved by him can move with the speed even 88,5 km/h. Funnily enough, you can drain water in it while it’s moving.

Guinness World Records – Colin Furze – Meet The Record Breakers

Largest number of fireworks set off from the body

We don’t recommend trying to break this record. Todd DeFazio decided to set off as many fireworks on his own body as possible. He tied them both to his torso, legs and head. This allowed him to set off 15 fireworks at one time. Fortunately, he did not suffer any injuries.

Opening bottles with the forehead

Beverage bottle caps are usually removed with a bottle opener. However, Ahmes Tafzi from Germany confirmed that this can also be done with his forehead. He opened as many as a dozen bottles this way and entered himself in the “Guinness Book of Records”

The most T-shirts ever worn

With such a skill, Sanath Bandara will surely be able to save on checked baggage easily. He broke the previously set record and put on as many as 257 T-shirts in an hour

Biggest QR Code

QR codes can be seen on many posters, but also product packaging or books. They allow you to go to applications or websites in an easier way than by typing the name of the site into a search engine. A family from Kraay, Canada, decided to transfer the popular QR code to their cornfield and created a beautiful and amazing maze. The QR code is as large as 29 square meters and is even visible on Google Maps.

Associated Press – Armer Makes Corn Maze Shaped Like QR Code

Biggest watermelon crushed with thighs

Olga Liaschuk – a Ukrainian who does body building, among other things – decided to break this record. Thanks to her developed muscles she was able to crush three watermelons in less than 14.65 seconds.

Blowing a pea grain over the longest distance

Such a record could only be broken by someone with very efficient lungs. André Ostfold already has other Guinness World Records to his credit – including the fastest run in clogs and 100 meters in ski boots – but this one is quite remarkable. At an event in Germany on July 12, 2014, he moved a pea seed 7.51 meters in one blow

Largest collection of rubber ducks

Charlotte Lee boasts the largest collection of rubber ducks. She has been collecting them since 1996 and already has 5631 pieces. All of them are displayed in her home. Bathing in the company of so many rubber ducks must be really fun.

Photo: Francis Dean/Corbis News/Getty Images

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