Loft style accessories – which ones to choose?

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Are you looking for suitable accessories for a room in industrial style? These should be ornaments, which will emphasize its unique character. If you want to know what accessories to look for and what will work in the loft interior, read this article. Here are some ideas for decorations for industrial arrangement.

Industrial style interiors are very popular in recent years. No wonder – expressive loft character has its own unique charm. Half raw atmosphere of post-factory space, avant-garde solutions and original combinations – these are the features that particularly delight us in industrial arrangements.

How to emphasize loft style in the interior?

One of the many advantages of industrial style is the possibility of arranging it also in small spaces. Because it is characterized by minimalism, we do not need a large apartment to be able to create a loft atmosphere. An important element of interior design in the industrial style are properly selected accessories, and it is on them that we will focus in this article.

Industrial style likes posters and paintings

Due to the fact that at the beginning of its popularity post-industrial interiors were used as places of vernissages and meetings with artists, the presence of paintings or posters on the walls of industrial rooms has become a part of this style for good. Therefore, look for unusual paintings and posters for your interior to emphasize its industrial style

Ideally, they should be pieces with a modern character. It can be, for example, abstract or experimental art or contemporary photography, especially in black and white edition.

Vases and flowerbeds with industrial character

Among the decorations that can help you create a loft atmosphere are vases and planters with a modern design. Opt for simple forms in neutral colors. Black or shiny grey will go well with industrial elements. Look for metal flowerbeds with a simple, somewhat austere design to give a loft-like feel to the interior

Place flowerbeds where something is clearly missing, e.g. in an empty corner of the living room or in the hallway if you have an undeveloped piece of space there. Decorative vases, on the other hand, are good to expose on dressers, shelves, coffee tables, or by windows, if they are large vases.

Decorations that are both impressive and functional

Such as wall clocks. A clock located in a loft interior should be characterized by simple design and raw style. Definitely a better choice in this case will be analog clocks, which have their own specific character. Especially those with a large diameter and metal construction are welcome. They will perfectly fill the empty places on the walls.

Lamps emphasizing industrial style

It is one of the most important elements of the arrangement – lighting. It can do a lot. Properly chosen hanging and standing lamps will be the points of decor, which will clearly give the interior an industrial character. Definitely bet on metal and simple structures. As for colors – black and gray are the favorites in this case. Naked light bulbs will also work perfectly.

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