Places you absolutely must visit during your stay in Scotland!

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The small country neighboring the United Kingdom is becoming an increasingly popular vacation destination. Check out the amazing locations that picturesque Scotland offers! 


The first stop on a tour of Scotland is Edinburgh. It is from the capital of this country that it is easiest to catch international flights and start your adventure with Scottish sights. Visiting Edinburgh and its surroundings can take up to a few days, so it is worth staying in the capital for a longer period of time and getting to know Scottish cuisine, culture and the most popular sights. In Edinburgh, don’t miss the historic castle, the National Gallery of Scotland, the Old Town, Calton Hill or a stroll through Princess Gardens.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

The popular bridge was one of the most iconic features of the Hogwarts Express route leading to the magical castle of the School of Magic and Wizardry. The viaduct is located in the northern part of Scotland, about 155 miles from Edinburgh. The best view of the bridge is from the surrounding hills, but it’s a good idea to get a good seat just minutes before the train is scheduled to pass. This is because fans of the series by author J.K. Rowling can enjoy a ride on a special steam locomotive resembling the one used in the film. It usually appears on the route 4 times during the day, so the chances of a perfect view are slim. 

Dunnottar Castle

The historic structure is located on top of seaside cliffs near the North Sea town of Stonehaven. At this picturesque location, you can visit the ruins of a castle built in the 15th and 16th centuries. In addition to the castle, a drive to the nearby town and visit local restaurants and attractions is worthwhile at this stop. The small town is tourist-friendly and offers not only beautiful views, but also coastal bars or a fish market. 

Loch Ness Lake 

The world’s most popular and legendary lake is an essential part of a trip to Scotland. The lake gained international popularity back in medieval times, when there were the first reports of a mythical monster from the water. Although scientific evidence does not indicate the existence of the monster, legends circulating in pop culture for hundreds of years have given the story a legendary character. The lake is 37 kilometers long and is best viewed by going around it. 

Cairngorm National Park

Britain’s largest national park is located in northern Scotland, in the Cairngorms mountains. The reserve covers an area of 4,528 square kilometers and was protected in 2003. The park is the only place in the entire UK where reindeer live in their natural habitat. Deer, martens, squirrels, roe deer, hares, otters, wildcats and numerous species of protected birds such as the mountain parda, mornel, snowy owl, golden eagle and Scottish crossbill are also among the most interesting specimens that can be seen in Cairngorm National Park.

main photo: Van Der Beken

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