Recreation on the water – what to bring?

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Sunny weather encourages to travel and rest close to nature. Poland is famous for its picturesque places located by the sea and lakes. If you are planning a trip to one of them and are wondering what will be useful, we advise!

Trips to the waterfront are a great form of relaxation and a break from everyday matters. Whether you’re going away for a weekend or longer, you should prepare a few things that will make your stay easier and more enjoyable. If you are going camping, you will need a tent, a padded mattress, and a sleeping bag.

Appropriate clothing and footwear

Weather in Poland can be changeable, so even in summer you have to be prepared for a sudden breakdown. Rain jackets are useful, available for example at You should also take sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants and shorts. Clothing should be breathable and not tight to the body. Fleece or sweaters can be useful in the evenings.

Take along headgear such as baseball caps, scarves, or hats to protect from the sun. In summer, pack a bathing suit and some towels

If you are going to the seaside, flip-flops or sandals will come in handy. Just in case, also pack sports shoes, preferably waterproof

Photo: Pavel Daniluk/Pexels

Sports equipment

Holiday trips e.g. to the seaside are also a chance to learn new water sports. Kitesurfing and wakeboarding are gaining popularity in Poland. However, it is worth preparing yourself properly for these sports, so if you plan to learn one of them, make sure you have at least a neoprene wetsuit, which you can order at When it comes to equipment, such as boards or helmets, there are special points at the seaside that offer their rental.

There are often bicycle paths around the reservoirs, so it’s good to take your bike with you to explore the area where you can’t always reach by car. Biking is also a good opportunity for physical activity.

Before you leave, check to see if the place you are going to has sports fields on its grounds or nearby. If so, bring volleyballs, soccer balls or a badminton set

First aid kit and insect repellent

Camping at the lake, especially in summer, is associated with one unpleasant aspect – the presence of mosquitoes and flies. So it’s worth packing special products to repel them. These can be found at

It will also be necessary to take a first aid kit, which should be equipped with:

– bandages,

– plasters,

– wound disinfectant,

– cotton balls, gauze,

– antiseptics,

– antihistamines,

– painkillers.

Additional accessories

On a trip you will also need tools, making it easier e.g. to pitch a tent, quickly repair a bike and move around in the dark. So pack a flashlight, keys, pocket knife. In addition, take a large shoulder bag, in which you will be able to carry the most important things from your car or accommodation facility to the shore. If you have room in your car, pack sun loungers, a garden umbrella, and a small travel cooler.

Don’t leave last minute organization to your trip. Prepare a list of essentials that you may need on the water beforehand so that you are sure not to forget anything. Pack your backpack or suitcase one item at a time, crossing off the list so you don’t miss any important items. If possible, bring handy and lightweight items that are easy to carry. Your luggage should make your camping experience easier, not weigh you down and make it harder to move

Photo by Rachel Claire/Pexels

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