How to pack for a backpacking trip?

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I don’t think anyone likes pre-trip busyness. What suitcases, when in our imagination we can already see ourselves on a deck chair with a mohito in hand! It’s worth knowing a few tricks that will make packing easier and your trip more comfortable. See how to skillfully pack in a backpack so that everything fits and nothing gets crumpled!

Prepare the things you will take on your trip

An overloaded backpack is a very unpleasant thing. It’s hard to pick it up, its zipper can break, and you have to dig through a ton of stuff to find a change shirt. In addition, a surcharge for excess baggage may be waiting at the airport. So when traveling, it’s best to take only what’s necessary. Are you looking at your closet and thinking to yourself that it’s a mission impossible to complete? Follow our advice to complete the most necessary items for your trip.

Make a list

Ideally, it should include everything from documents to underwear. If such minutiae makes you nauseous, make an approximate list of things to take on your trip.

Refine your list

Now make yourself a cup of tea and go back to the list to cross off the things you can do without. Surely you can do without two pairs of shoes instead of four, and buy a T-shirt on the spot. It will be great if you manage to shorten your list by a third at this stage.

Put all your stuff on the bed or floor

Look at the pile: perhaps something else is worth leaving at home? If not, recognize that you’ve gotten the hardest part over with.

Put away the things you will be traveling in

If you’re going by plane, it’s best to put on what’s heaviest: a sweatshirt, belted jeans, heavier shoes and a jacket. This will help you avoid the excess baggage fee, and if you have few belongings, chances are you’ll only fly with carry-on luggage.

Pack your prepared items

1) Arrange what’s heaviest, such as shoes, where your backpack rests, closer to your back. To make use of every inch of free space, put rolled up socks and fragile items in your shoes. Pack each shoe in a separate plastic bag and arrange them so that the tip of one touches the heel of the other. Seal the gaps between shoes with underwear and other non-crushing items.

2) T-shirts, sweaters, jeans and shirts take up less space if you roll them up. First, lay them out more or less as you would in stores: sleeves to center, leg to leg. Then roll each item into a separate roll. Ordinary stacks are better saved for organizing your home closet, in a backpack they become a disorderly tangle.

Pack dresses, pants, jackets and other larger items using the bundling method. It involves stacking things on top of each other one by one, which creates one larger pack. You arrange the clothes crosswise, put something heavier (such as a makeup bag) inside, and roll the outer parts inside. To get it right from the start, it’s a good idea to watch the video instructions for yourself.

3) Arrange the prepared clothing in layers, first the rolls, then the parcels and so on alternately.

4) Stuff the trinkets into the free spaces. Arrange belts and cables along the walls of the backpack, and socks and swimsuit in any place. The more densely you pack things, the less chance they’ll get crumpled or broken.

What’s left to do is zip up and weigh the backpack to make sure its weight fits within the weight standards of your chosen airline. If the backpack is too heavy, pull out the things you can put in your pockets and take on board. Have a pleasant trip!

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