Feeling bad on a plane – check how to deal with it!

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Airplane flight is not a pleasant experience for everyone. Here are some ways to make the trip easier and make you feel better during the flight. 

Eat a light meal

The first stage of preparing for air travel begins even before you arrive at the airport. One of the most important issues is to plan your diet well that day. It’s a good idea to eat a lightly digestible meal before a plane flight, especially one that is many hours long. The last thing you want to experience on a plane is stomach problems. It’s also a good idea to stock up on your favorite snacks for the plane. At check-in and baggage control, you can’t have drinks with you, but food is as allowed as possible. If you don’t have time to buy something before you leave, there is always a duty-free zone at the airport. Most airlines also offer affordable menus on board, so you can even have a hot meal there if necessary.

Get enough sleep before your trip 

Airplane flight, especially for those who do not like this means of transportation, is extremely tiring. Co-passengers, pressure changes, little space and air conditioning make it difficult to sleep and greatly reduce the comfort of the trip. For this reason, the day before departure it is worth taking care of a long and quality sleep. If your flight is in the afternoon or evening, it’s a good idea to take a short nap before heading to the airport. 

Chew gum 

A proven and simple way to cope with pressure changes during a plane flight. The discomfort of clogged ears on board is a very common problem affecting your negative mood while traveling. The solution is to chew gum or suck on candy while traveling. Moving the jaw helps unclog the Eustachian trumpets. Yawning or sipping a beverage is also an effective way. 

Take a travel pillow with you

Another solution to make air travel easier is to take a special travel pillow on board with you. It works great not only during the flight, but also when traveling by train, coach or car. The horn-shaped pillow relieves pressure on the cervical region, allows you to position your head well and makes it easier to fall asleep while traveling. A sitting position, especially one that is prolonged, is very uncomfortable, so it is worthwhile to support the spine by any means possible. What’s more, the pillow itself can also be a place to store a few extra clothes that didn’t fit in your suitcase. 

Take care of entertainment 

Air travel is pretty monotonous. Only the moments of takeoff and landing are exciting. During this time, you can also watch beautiful panoramas of cities through the window, but when the plane reaches the required altitude, all you can see around you are white clouds. Therefore, it is advisable to provide yourself during the trip with something to kill time and make the flight more pleasant. Great are series or movies that can be downloaded to your phone before departure, and watched in airplane mode. Reading a book or newspaper can be just as engaging. 

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