Slow design, a return to the roots

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Everyone these days complains about lack of time. Do you work, eat and even relax on the run? Slow down! Start living in harmony with yourself and surround yourself with quality and unique items – according to the slow design ideology!

Slow instead of fast

If you’re tired of living on the run, you might be interested in the Slow Movement ideology. Representatives of this movement believe that human beings should live at their own pace, in harmony with the environment – both other people and nature. People who follow this ideology, instead of eating fast food, focus on local products, cook themselves and spend time with loved ones. The same principle can be applied to every area of life. Just choose quality products instead of mass-produced ones.

Take care of yourself!

Do you get up every morning, rushing to work, home or shopping? The incessant rush makes you stop noticing the beauty of the world around you and you become more and more discouraged? Why is this happening? It is simple! Everyone has their own pace and forcing you to exist at the pace invented by the fast-paced world will only harm you. Start taking care of yourself and change your life in such a way that you have time for yourself, time to make a meal instead of eating fast food, time for your loved ones and family. By following these principles, you will not only take care of yourself, but also those around you. Opt for slow design to take care of the world around you.

No more tacky!

The reality around us is increasingly bland. Instead of buying high quality products made by masters in their field, people opt for poor quality furniture, clothes, shoes. The quality of your surroundings directly translates into your quality of life. Instead of reaching for clothing or furniture from well-known chain stores, find such products that you really like, meet your requirements, are made carefully and with good quality materials. In this way, you will wear clothes for years, instead of throwing them away after a year, and you will pass furniture or home accessories to your children.

Slow design at home

When you’re looking for furniture for your home or apartment, you have to make compromises every time. Finding the furniture of your dreams is difficult, and finding a few borders on the miraculous. Why do you have to accept this? Looking for specific furniture and proven solutions? Stop looking in supermarkets, opt for customized furniture. An experienced carpenter will advise you what materials will work in your case, what modern solution to use. Custom furniture will fit perfectly into your interior and realize your vision. If you decide on slow design, you will choose quality and objects with soul. You know that someone took the time to prepare them for you with care and attention. You also do not have to buy new furniture. Such furniture renovated by carpenters can serve for decades. Sometimes it is enough to replace a small element, apply fresh varnish and use some new technological solution to enjoy ergonomics and quality. The cost of refurbished or made-to-measure furniture is often similar to the price of showroom furniture. So you do not lose money, but choose quality and uniqueness instead of cheapness and mass solutions.

Quality does not have to be expensive

Some people think that quality items are too expensive to use. This is not true. Despite the higher price, such products are used much longer. Instead of buying a new coat every year from a chain clothing store, opt for the services of a tailor who will prepare a coat tailored exactly for you. Such a purchase will be more expensive, but it will last you up to ten years instead of one year. It will be warmer, will not fall apart, will not be destroyed during the first rainy day. Of course, there is also nothing to overpay. When looking for good quality goods, follow the reviews and recommendations of your friends. This will allow you to use craftsmen who have experience and have helped many people get their dream items.

Photo by Taylor Simpson/Unsplash

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