Weight loss – what supplements and herbs can help us with it?

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Properly selected herbs and supplements will prove to be an effective support during weight loss. They may improve bowel function, reduce water accumulation in the body and provide a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time. What herbs and supplements can help you lose excess weight?


Peppermint is a popular home remedy for abdominal pain. This is because it has a beneficial effect on the digestive process. The herb allows you to produce more stomach acid and improves the production of bile. Moreover, mint regulates intestinal function. What is more, the smell of the herbal infusion can reduce the desire for snacking. So if you feel like eating something high-calorie or sweets, try drinking mint tea first. It may turn out that thanks to an aromatic drink you will be able to overcome temptation more easily.


Dandelion influences the process of fat digestion and reduces its absorption. It prevents the accumulation of fat tissue in excessive amounts. The herb also regulates metabolism, lowers blood glucose and “bad” cholesterol levels. In addition, dandelion helps reduce water accumulation in the body and supports the fight against cellulite and puffiness.

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Trichomon’s Violet

Trichomon’s violet extract improves metabolism and reduces the urge to snack between meals. The herb provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety. This makes it easier to limit snacks and sweets. Violet also has a detoxifying effect. It helps remove harmful products of metabolism from the body. It also supports getting rid of excess water from the body

Field horsetail

Horsetail is mainly used in preparations designed to improve the condition of hair, nails and skin. The easily absorbed silicon has a strengthening effect and allows us to enjoy a beautiful appearance. However, it is worth learning about other properties of field horsetail, important from the point of view of people trying to lose weight. The herb helps remove water and toxins from the body, fights cellulite and sheds excess weight

What supplements for weight loss to use?

Supplements for weight loss are standardly divided into several groups of preparations – products that burn fat, suppress appetite and reduce fat absorption. The first category helps to reduce the amount of body fat. However, even using such preparations, it is necessary to remember about regular physical exercise

Tablets for weight loss reducing appetite are recommended for people who do not want to introduce a strict diet. Regular use of such preparations can reduce appetite and the amount of food consumed. In addition to using weight loss aids, you should give up bad eating habits and be physically active.

Supplements limiting fat absorption may block absorption of even 1/3 of fats taken with food. It is worth combining their intake with a diet and daily exercise. In this way, you can accelerate weight loss and lose weight healthily

Herbs and supplements for weight loss help to get rid of excess weight. It is important to remember that such remedies will never replace physical activity or a healthy diet. However, if we happen to give in to temptations, incorporating supplements and herbs into a full weight loss treatment will definitely speed up its course.

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