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Murals have long enhanced the beauty of our cities. In Poland in the 70s and 80s they were most often a form of interesting advertising and many of the restored murals can be seen in Warsaw or Krakow. Murals also appear all over the world, especially in New York, which is the capital of street art. Let’s check out which murals in the world make the best impression.

Unusual houses in Palmitas, Mexico

Mexico is known for its small houses that are often spaced out on hills. In Palmitas, an unusual mural created from many colorful murals painted on the facades of single-family homes was created on one such hill. From a further perspective, they look like one abstract painting that was created around trees and other urban buildings.

A three-dimensional mural at Juliette Et Les Esprits in Montpellier

The mural is seen on one of the townhouses at Juliette Et Les Esprits in Montpellier, France. A somewhat sad courtyard with a single bench was previously on the background of a gloomy and old wall. Recently, a beautiful mural was created on it, depicting the front of the building. The painted balconies feature very happy residents, and the effect was completed by a three-dimensional drawing. The mural goes beyond the confines of one wall and enters the neighboring ones, which are partially demolished. It feels as if we have moved from the middle of the city to a cheerful and sunny suburb.

Etnias Mural in Rio de Janeiro

This extraordinary 3,000-square-meter mural was created before the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Its author is the well-known Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. In his works he reaches for expressive colors and motifs. He tries to show the beauty and diversity of the world, hence in his works we often find representatives of many races and nationalities

Three-dimensional mural in Poznan

Also in Poland, a very interesting mural was created, which imitates colorful tenement houses. Some of them depict fronts of well-known tenements that can be found in Poznan. The mural also features the logo of the well-known brand Terravita, and a cheerful player sits on the roof of one of the tenements.

Giant Starling Mural in Berlin

Murals are also increasingly appearing on high-rise buildings. One of them is a beautiful painting on a block in Berlin. It connects two parts of the building together and depicts a huge, colorful starling. Its center is divided by a row of windows. The whole thing makes an electrifying impression and shows that apartment blocks don’t have to be boring at all.

Topart, Budapest, Hungary

An unusual mural was created in Budapest that uses natural landscape elements. In one of the courtyards, the presence of trees planted in a row was used. The mural complemented this landscape, making it feel as if the trees are standing right next to a river with a monumental and beautiful sailboat sailing on it.

Full Moon Hostel in Bristol, United Kingdom

The name of the hostel says a lot about the mural created on it. Previously, it did not differ much from other buildings in the area. However, the owners decided to renovate the front in an unusual way. A beautiful mural was created on it, which presents constellations of stars. Thanks to it the hostel refers to the night sky not only from the name.

Colorful staircase in San Francisco

In California there is quite unusual mural, which is a very interesting example of street art – it was created on the steps of stairs. So we have an unusual opportunity to step on the work of art. The steps are a mosaic of geometric shapes and colorful colors. From a distance the stairs look like an unusual painting. The mosaic mural shows abstract patterns and flowers that look very unusual in this urban setting.

“Big Raccoon”, Lisbon

A huge and very cheerful mural depicting a raccoon was created in Lisbon. It was painted on one of the buildings in the city center. The raccoon looks adorable with a green abstract background. The mural refers to street art and graffiti, but is also very realistic. It certainly brings joy to the residents of this beautiful city known for its monuments.

Girl with a watering can, Białystok

This is another mural that goes beyond the wall and refers to elements that are outside of it. The mural depicts a little girl in a beautiful folk costume using a watering can to water a tree standing by the building.

The Kiss Mural, New York City

The famous photo of two people kissing in Times Square was depicted on a mural in Chelsea. It has been reworked very often and has become a symbol of the end of World War II. The mural is very colorful and the kissing couple is depicted against a background of multicolored stripes. Among the colorful and somewhat abstract mosaic, only the outline and shading stand out.

Photo by Pixabay

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