How to decorate a small apartment? Here are the best ideas

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Do you live in a small apartment? Wondering how to optically enlarge it? We have a few suggestions for you. Give yourself a place to live, work and play. Do not give up comfort and style just because you have a small space. Check what is worth remembering while decorating an interior

Paint all walls in a bright color

Wondering how to paint a small interior? Choose a bright color, preferably white. Light blue, green or cream will also do well. This will optically enlarge and brighten up the room. Do not use contrasting shades.

Do you like unconventional solutions? Then paint stripes on one of the walls. Both vertical and horizontal lines work well here. Vertical stripes will visually widen the wall, while horizontal ones will lengthen it. Think about which solution you like better

Add artificial light

Of course, natural light plays a key role. However, you should also include artificial lighting to visually expand the space. Don’t rely solely on a ceiling lamp. Otherwise, the corners will still look dark. Think about incorporating spotlights in the ceiling. They will not only illuminate the interior, but also visually elevate it. This way you can kill two birds with one stone!

Replace classic furniture with multifunctional built-in elements

Although replacing furniture is expensive and time-consuming, it brings benefits. Of course, you don’t have to choose every built-in piece. However, you can swap a classic sofa for a model with hidden storage. Looking for a table for your kitchen or dining room? Then opt for an extendable piece of furniture. It will be perfect not only for everyday use but also for special occasions.

Hang some shelves

Properly installed shelves will not only provide additional storage space, but also optically enlarge the interior. Try to combine closed and open versions, because sticking to one format will make the room look cluttered (open shelves) or take up too much space (closed shelves).

Emphasize the vertical

Interior design is all about deceiving the eye. Add elements that emphasize the vertical space. If you want to visually enlarge your bathroom, hang shower curtains. If we’re talking about the bedroom or living room, try vertical wood panels. Think vertically, not just horizontally. Use the available space all the way to the ceiling. Too often we focus our attention only on the horizontal surface. Look up! See how many possibilities the walls and ceiling offer. Invest in floor-to-ceiling shelving, mount cabinets on the walls. Think about hanging hooks from the ceiling in your kitchen. Keep pots, pans and cutlery on them to maximize storage space

Look for streamlined furniture

Try to match your furniture to specific rooms. First, avoid large and bulky pieces of furniture. Do away with impractical shapes and dark colors. Remember that dark furniture absorbs light instead of reflecting it. Choose straight lines, light woods and streamlined shapes to avoid clutter

How to divide the space cleverly?

If you want to make a small apartment seem bigger, remove partitions. If possible, choose an open plan room layout. Also, where you need partitions, think about roll-up fabric curtains or folding doors that you can close at any time. That way you have privacy when you need it. The rest of the time, leave them open to make the space look bigger

Mirrors and lighting

A great way to create the illusion of a larger space is to strategically place mirrors and artificial lighting. It’s worth remembering that a mirror reflects light, creating the impression of a spacious interior. When it comes to lighting, consider what you can do to bring more sunlight into the room. If you can, dispense with curtains. Can’t imagine a room without them? Then look for light, thin curtains so they don’t block the sunlight

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