How to prepare your dog for an extended separation?

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Vacation time often means a temporary separation from your pet, if you don’t take him with you on a trip. Such separation is an experience not only for you, but also for your pet. How to prepare your pooch for the change? Read on!

Separation and the psyche of the dog

Sometimes there is a need to leave your pet for a while under the supervision of another person. Such separation can negatively affect the mental health of the four-legged dog. A dog is a social creature and separation from its owner can not fail to affect its emotional condition. At the same time, the dog adapts very well to new conditions and can get used to the fact that you will not be next to him, if you skillfully prepare him for it.

One more important thing to remember: the dog can read human emotions. So if you start to behave differently and despair about your departure, he will immediately sense this and start to stress himself. Some dogs may also develop separation anxiety, which can result in destructive behavior, endless barking or excessive saliva production.

And what will he think?

“If I leave my dog with someone else, won’t he think I’ve betrayed him?” – if such a question is rattling around in your head, we hasten to assure you that it is not. The dog does not think in terms of “evil”, “good”, “conscience” or “betrayal”. It is a simple creature incapable of analyzing its actions and thinking about the past. It is also alien to abstract thinking. Nor will you warn her that you are leaving, because she can’t think about the future either. So, one way or another, your departure will be a complete surprise to your pet. Nevertheless, the arrival of the dog at home does not have to deprive you of the pleasure of leaving at all. If you do everything right, you can go on vacation in peace and nothing bad will happen.

How specifically to prepare your dog for separation?

If you know that your dog is prone to experiencing separation anxiety, it will be better if he stays with a trusted family member or friend. Save him the stress of staying in a dog hotel. Among close people, your dog will feel better, as all attention will most likely be focused solely on him. If you plan to leave him in the care of a stranger, make sure that they meet and become friends before you leave. The pooch will then not feel the anxiety associated with the presence of a complete stranger.

If you rarely leave your dog alone, your trip will certainly be stressful for him. In order to make your dog feel more comfortable during the separation, already accustom him to your absence. Try several times to leave your dog alone for some short time. When you are going to leave, give him some attention – stroke his tummy and give him a favorite toy.

Before leaving, leave your dog some familiar things that will remind him of you, such as a T-shirt or a quilt with your scent on it. It’s also a good idea to leave your dog a favorite toy that he usually carries with him when he’s nervous. Before leaving, make sure your dog is occupied with something. Before leaving, you will definitely want to say goodbye to him, but do it well before you leave. An emotional goodbye can make your pooch anxious.

main photo: Cagle

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