Wall shelf – 5 design ideas

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Wall shelf can completely change the character of the interior. Not only the furniture itself changes the design of the space. Also its arrangement affects the decor of the room.

Shelf on the wall is a way to develop space on an empty wall, in the corner of the room or any other, practically any place. It gives us a place to store books, souvenirs, display photos and flowers. We suggest some ideas for arrangements with the shelf in the main role.

Shelf in loft style

Loft style is undoubtedly one of the hits of recent years. Fashionable are not only interiors in lofts, but also room arrangements and accessories. Thanks to its rawness and simplicity, accessories in loft style fit many interiors. They also combine perfectly with other interior styles.

A loft style shelf is made of metal or a combination of wood and metal. Loft style draws from industrialism. There is no shortage of raw finishes, chains, tubes and other industrial features. Such a shelf, hung on the wall alone or as an arrangement of several, is a wall decoration in itself. Flowers will look perfect on it. Black and wood go well with the greenery of live plants. On the loft type hanging shelf we can put photos, books or souvenirs and trinkets.

Macramé shelf

There is no doubt that another of the interior (although not only) hits are accessories made of macramé. Ornaments, bedspreads, lamps, flower beds… You can create absolutely anything with macramé. A beautiful addition to the apartment in boho, eclectic, but also Scandinavian style, is a shelf made just in this technique.

Macramé shelf is a decoration in itself. Depending on the chosen model, we can decide on the size of the decorative panel on the back of the shelf, the number of shelves, version with hanging strings or with an interesting weave. Macramé gives the opportunity to create both a simple and subtle shelf, as well as a large, richly decorated structure. The shelves themselves may be wooden. Color and finish of the wood depends on our taste.

The macramé shelf does not have a large load capacity. This is its biggest drawback. Of course, we can put some books on it, but it is not a bookcase adjusted to withstand heavy loads. It’s best to put light trinkets and decorations on it. Flowers will also do a great job. You can think about creepers or succulents in small pots.

Geometric simplicity

A solution for those who appreciate minimalism, symmetry and simplicity are geometric wall shelves. A simple board, suspended on two thick strings or ropes is the first of the geometric ideas. Such a structure will look like an isosceles triangle from a distance. It is simplicity and classics, which will work well on a white wall.

An interesting geometric solution is also a corner shelf in the shape of a rhombus. It is a variation on a classic corner bookcase. The backbone of the construction consists of 5 shelves: the longest, 2 medium length and 2 short ones. The longest shelf is located in the middle, and the other two above and below it. The construction is surrounded by a frame, which is arranged in a rhombus shape. This is an unusual and eye-catching solution. Such a wall shelf will surely be perfect in the living room over the sofa.

The shelf with a message and full of symbolism

Shelf hanging on the wall does not have to be a simple board. We can successfully decide on a very fanciful construction. For lovers, it can be a shelf with a record of heart rhythm (EKG), a metal inscription LOVE or a heart. Music fans may decide on a shelf in the shape of a violin key, sheet music or a chosen instrument. For travelers a map shelf was invented. In this respect, the creativity of designers and carpenters knows no limits. Every enthusiast will find a shelf, which will relate to his interests and hobbies.

Invisible bookshelf

A very interesting solution is an invisible bookshelf. Technically speaking, it is not even a shelf, but a structure. At a chosen height, we mount a small metal frame on the wall. We put the first book directly on it – hooking it with the cover. The metal hook hides under the cover, so the book seems to be magically attached to the wall. On top of the first book, in which the mechanism is hidden, we can stack other books. On top of the pile we can put a decoration or a flower.

Such a shelf is an unusual solution. It draws attention and intrigues. This solution will work well in the living room, as well as in the office or teenager’s room. Friends who will visit our children, certainly will not pass indifferently by such a structure

Main photo: Jean Philippe Delberghe/Adobe Stock

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