How to strengthen your child’s immunity after returning to school?

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The beginning of the school year is not only the long-awaited meeting and exchange of post-holiday impressions with friends and teachers. It is also the exchange of pathogenic microorganisms. How to strengthen your child’s immunity in the first months of school? Read on!

The right diet

Try to correct your child’s diet. Minimize the amount of sugar, canned, yeast and highly processed foods in your child’s menu. Include more plant-based products: whole-grain cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, spices, greens and unrefined vegetable oils. Instead of fried foods, serve stewed, boiled or baked foods at home. Try to give him his last meal no later than 7pm in the evening.


Train your child to drink water – warm, filtered, unsweetened and non-carbonated. Juice, tea or compote is not water, and it is the basis for proper hydration. Give your child water in the morning after waking up, before and between meals and at night. Drinking immediately after as well as during eating is not advisable (this applies to you too). Scientists have already proven that the root cause of all stress, fatigue or many “incurable” diseases is dehydration – a deficit of pure water in the body and its leaching from the cells by teas and sweet carbonated drinks.


Walking outdoors even in cold weather is more important than playing chess or computer courses. These skills your child will acquire over time, while health will not. Air your child’s room as often as possible, especially before bedtime. Encourage them to entertain themselves outdoors – rollerblading, roller skating, biking or scootering will increase their natural immunity.


Provide your child with adequate nighttime rest. Two hours before going to bed, institute a ban on the use of electronic devices. Immediately before going to bed, do not give him meals, especially carbohydrates. Gradually reduce the intensity of light and sounds coming from the environment. Train your child to calm down before bedtime, for example, by reading a book. It’s also fun to spend a few moments with your child before going to sleep. The alpha state is conducive to subconscious programming. This is the best time to give him words of support and encouragement. When your child is about to plunge into a deep sleep, give him lots of love. You will do much more for him than making him lecture about the need to write a 5-plus grade, or – worse – threatening him with the words “and you’ll only try to come home with a 2!”.


It is mandatory to toughen up your child’s young body. You will be helped not only by walks in the fresh air, but also by alternating showers with cold and warm water, which will additionally give him a boost of energy in the morning.

Listen to your child’s needs

You probably know it from autopsy: just in time for a business trip your child’s temperature spikes, and on the day of an important class – he gets diarrhea and vomiting. Children react very clearly to mental overload, as if demanding constant attention from you. 

Ask yourself, why is this happening? Perhaps it makes sense to change schools or redirect your child to distance learning? Going to school every day for lessons doesn’t suit every child. Just as many adults today prefer to work remotely, children can successfully learn in the comfort of their homes. Just listen to your own child’s needs.

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