5 popular holiday destinations 2021

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Low prices, sunny weather and amazing views are just a few aspects that travelers are looking out for this year


According to a report published on this year’s holiday destinations of Poles, Turkey ranks first. The season of favorable weather there lasts from April until October, which is why it is so attractive for tourists


Equally high on the list of holiday destinations in recent weeks is Egypt. Hot climate and historical monuments, every year attract thousands of tourists from around the world. Vacations in Egyptian kurtas are relatively cheap and guarantee many additional attractions


One of the most visited countries of the holiday season. Among Polish tourists for years it has remained in the top positions, and it is no different in 2021. Travel agencies offer tours to more than a dozen different destinations and islands, which are the perfect place to relax


Next to Greece, one of the most popular European countries in Europe. A stable pandemic situation and lifted restrictions have encouraged travellers to explore and visit Spain this summer season


The picturesque island was one of the most popular destinations during the winter season. During the upcoming summer, travel agents have also prepared a rich offer of travel to Tanzania, so when looking for a place to relax on the beach, you should choose Zanzibar

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