How to incorporate more movement into everyday life?

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A daily dose of exercise reduces the risk of developing many diseases, strengthens the cardiovascular system, joints and muscles, as well as emotional health. But how do you incorporate more movement on a daily basis? Learn about very simple methods!

Morning gymnastics

A few uncomplicated physical exercises in the morning improves flexibility and gives you energy for the rest of the day, strengthens and develops the muscular system, and increases physical and mental performance. You can do trunk bends and twists, momentum exercises, squats, jumping jacks and walking in place regardless of your age or health. Ten minutes of morning exercise will promote blood flow in the body and put you in a better mood!

Move while talking on the phone

Do you make a lot of phone calls? Spend that time benefiting your body. Acquire wireless headphones and go for a walk or do uncomplicated exercises while talking: do squats, stand on your tiptoes and slowly sink down, twist your feet and try doing “chairs” against the wall – this static exercise will “fire up” your leg muscles.

Give up the elevator

Taking the stairs burns calories, strengthens your muscles and cardiovascular system. Think about this before you take the elevator down the next time. Taking the floors in walking mode for 10 minutes every day is a loss of more than 100 calories. If you want to make your workout more effective, you can increase your speed and start running. You can also do various exercises on the stairs – push-ups, lunges, sit-ups and jumps.


Dancing, first of all, provides incredible pleasure, and secondly, it is an excellent physical exercise that engages various muscle parts. Dancing improves posture, motor coordination and balance. If you are not fond of “boring” gymnastics, just try daily dancing. At home, alone in front of a mirror or without one, when no one is looking at you, you can turn on your favorite music and play as much as your heart desires. Let your body move to the rhythm of the music and don’t impose any rules on yourself. If you think your level is quite advanced, look up specific dance forms on YouTube and practice according to a certain choreography.

Clean up more often

Cleaning can become a more interesting activity if you treat it as a workout. You’ll burn a considerable amount of calories washing floors (240 kcal per hour) and windows (167 kcal). Vacuuming is also a good exercise that engages your body muscles (you’ll burn up to 190 kcal per hour doing it). The reward after such a workout will not only be a slender, sculpted body, but also a great feeling of well-being, and, well, a tidy home. This is an excellent option for people who suffer from a deficit of free time.

Get yourself a sports smartwatch

This small gadget will help you determine your daily number of steps, as well as the intensity of your workouts. With its help you can monitor your progress, as well as the recovery process after exercise. The smartwatch will also remind you that it’s high time to get up from the computer or TV for stretching exercises. Thanks to connectivity with your smartphone via Bluetooth, the watch sends data to apps and even social networks. Sharing your workout progress with friends gives you extra motivation, and you can no longer spend a day without exercising. After all, promises must be kept!

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