What kind of cat scratcher to choose?

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The behavioral needs of cats need to be met – these animals even need to scratch. The worst thing is when they do it to the detriment of the sofa or the furniture. What kind of a cat scratcher should I choose, so that it would both fulfill its functions and have an attractive price?

Cats and scratching. How to deal with it?

First of all, we have to emphasize, that “clawing” is in the cat’s nature and there is not much we can do about it. It is not an expression of “cat’s malice”, because there is no such thing. When cats scratch, they mark the territory with substances produced by the glands between their fingertips. In addition, they rub their claws on objects by scratching. Sometimes cats also scratch to stretch their muscles. What can we do about it? First of all, provide the cat with suitable conditions for scratching, which will discourage it from destroying furniture, upholstery and household equipment.

Types of scratchers

It is necessary to buy a cat scratcher – but which one? We have a lot of models to choose from, among which the most popular are:

flat scraper: it can have a form of a mat or a lounger, with a bit more interesting design,
cardboard scraper,
stand scraper: often it has a very simple construction consisting of a base (e.g. chipboard) and a peg covered with an appropriate material for sharpening the claws,
Scraper with a kennel: it is a more or less complicated combination of a kennel and a lair. It uses natural predispositions of cats to hide and sleep in tight spaces,
medium scraper,
wall scraper,
compound scraper.

We can also distinguish between free-standing scratchers and those attached directly to the wall. The choice of the model can be made for example due to the size of the apartment. Besides, when choosing the best scraper for our pet, we should take into consideration not only the price and quality, but also the cat’s needs: we should observe where it scratches most often, what it is interested in, on what it sharpens its claws most willingly. A well-chosen scratcher should resemble this surface or object.

Types of popular cat scratchers – material of construction

A cat scratcher should be vertical or horizontal. The most often our pets are more willing to use the vertical scratchers. The horizontal ones are good for lazing and stretching. Such a scraper will please first of all the animals with a calmer temperament.

The material from which the scratcher is made is also very important. It can be, first of all:

– wood.

Each of them has a slightly different specification. The sisal products (made of agave fiber) are very durable – they can be in a form of the simplest mat for sharpening the claws, but also can be an external part of the scratching post with the kennel or the complex scratching post. The hardness of this material is high and you can count on the fact that such a piece of equipment will last for a long time.

Scratchers for cats made of wood are the most natural products – the cat scratches in the case of real wood. Their advantage is that they can be very interestingly composed into the interior decor, in which we decide to arrange the entertainment corner for the cat. But it’s important to fix them well and steadily – they are often quite heavy, and cats can be very energetic during the play, ready to overturn even such a device.

The cardboard cat scratchers seem to be perishable. Of course, they are not as durable as the sisal or wooden ones. However, they can be made of hard and quite thick cardboard that ensures longevity, or of a skeleton made of resistant material that has been covered with cardboard. The ecological nature of these products and their affordability determine that the choice of cardboard products is growing.

The growing variety on the market of the “cat furniture” makes the choice of the cat scratcher not easy. However, we should remember to be guided by the comfort and disposition of our pet.

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