Bean coffee - what should you know about it?

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Bean coffee - what should you know about it?

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Yet few people know what kinds of coffee it is and what its taste depends on. Here is what you need to know about coffee beans in order to fully enjoy its taste.

What affects the coffee’s flavour?

Bean co ffees are loved the world over. But do you know what affects the taste the most? First of all, it is the type and origin, but there are also several other important factors to consider when choosing 1 kg beans. Among other things, the type of roasting has a huge influence on the aroma and intensity of the coffee. There are light-, medium- and dark-roasted coffees and each will have a slightly different finish and aroma. If you’re looking for the perfect coffee to make a classic espresso or espresso-based beverage, medium or dark roast beans are the best choices

In addition to the type of roast, the date the beans were roasted is also quite important. Look for this information on the packaging and keep in mind that the fresher the beans, the more flavorful your coffee will be.

Coffee varieties

Arabica or Robusta? The coffee’s flavour and aroma are also strongly influenced by the sort of coffee. The best-known and most appreciated is undoubtedly Arabica. It is mild and very aromatic. But if you’re looking for a more intense flavour you can opt for Robusta. Whichever kind you prefer, you’re sure to find the perfect coffee for you at

Coffee’s origin

The origin of coffee beans also has a great influence on its flavour and aroma. Coffees from different parts of the world taste different and have their own unique aromas. For the most classic coffees that are neither too sweet nor too bitter and have a slight acidity, go for Guatemala

If you like more intense, slightly chocolaty flavours, then Colombian coffee is ideal. The sweetest coffees are those grown in Brazil. However, if you prefer slightly more intense and oriental flavors, you should definitely try Indian coffee.

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