When to buy airline tickets to make them the cheapest?

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When to buy airline tickets to make them the cheapest?

Traveling abroad can not only be fun, but also cheap. Check out how to save money on airplane flights!

The earlier, the better 

This is the first and most important rule when buying airline tickets. Normally, cheap airline tickets do not go less than three weeks before departure. If you plan your vacation well in advance, you can count on ticket prices – even during the vacation season – to be cheaper than usual. The time from June to mid-September is a typical vacation period, so if you want to fly somewhere then, it is worth starting planning your trip as early as winter. Prices of flights depend not only on the date, but also on the direction of departure and interest among customers. If you want to spend your next vacation in a destination that is popular during the season, it is worth reserving seats even a few months before the vacation. Increasingly, airlines are offering a last-minute ticket refund option. This usually requires the purchase of additional insurance, but if you buy bargain-priced tickets so early, it can be a good solution in case of a sudden change of plans. 

Use the carrier’s website 

Another consideration when looking for cheap airline tickets is where to buy them. Many websites where you can book tickets are just middlemen and add their commission to the ticket price, which can range from tens to even hundreds of zlotys per seat. Therefore, it pays to use such sites only to check the available connections and the name of the carrier, and then it is worth searching for the flight already directly on the airline’s website. Usually in such a case the only surcharges relate to the size of luggage or travel insurance. For flights to the most popular holiday resorts, it is also worth checking flights offered by travel agencies. It happens that the agency charters a flight and is not able to fill all the seats on it. Then you can purchase the tickets themselves for such a flight at a bargain price. 

Avoid popular dates 

It is known that the holiday season is the most besieged by all travelers. It is impossible to avoid the price hikes and the rapid selling out of airline seats. However, it is possible, by choosing a vacation date in another part of the year, to adjust the trip so that it does not combine with sensitive events. In this case, it is advisable to avoid long weekends, Christmas, Easter or New Year’s Eve, because it is known that at these times the occupancy rate will be higher, and thus airfares – higher. 

Think about connecting flights 

Aviation market research experts suggest that an effective way to save money when traveling by air is to choose connecting flights. Direct flights are the most expensive because they are the most comfortable. However, if you check the prices of connections with one or two connecting flights, you may find that ticket prices for several flights are lower than for a direct connection. If you decide to make this type of trip, it’s worth looking around for connecting flights at major airports in Europe, such as London or Berlin.

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