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Smoking a water pipe can be extremely relaxing, and some even claim that it is a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Buying such a pipe is not a problem, you can get it in a store for just over twenty zlotys. However, in order to enjoy its full potential and not get tired, you need some basic accessories that will make using a water pipe easier. See what you’ll need at the beginning of your bongo smoking journey.

Rechargeable lighter

A water pipe takes a long time to heat up, so you need a good quality lighter that will keep the flame going for a long time. An ordinary electric or flint lighter gives a rather gentle flame that can go out from a slight gust of wind. Their flame also escapes upward no matter how you position the lighter, so you can burn your fingers. In addition, traditional lighters heat up extremely quickly, making it impossible to light it again right away

An incandescent lighter produces a very strong and steady flame that changes direction with the position of the lighter. In addition, because the flame is always positioned “forward”, parts of the lighter do not heat up and it can be fired again and again. While for such activities as firing up a cigarette or a gas stove, a regular lighter is completely sufficient, for heating a water pipe, it is worth taking care of your comfort and safety and invest in a glow lighter.

Electronic Scale

This gadget will definitely come in handy, especially for beginner smokers. Any substance smoked through a bongo gives an increased effect. Therefore, you should be very careful how much herbs you pour into the water pipe. Even a minimally too large portion of the mixture can be too strong and make you feel sick. Thanks to a precise electronic scale, you can measure a portion of the herbal mixture with hundredths of a gram accuracy.

The electronicscale will help you choose the right dose of the substance so that you will not be discouraged from smoking by feeling bad. Smoking too much can lead to headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and even vomiting. After such an experience, you may think that smoking is not for you, but it is simply a matter of overdosing on the active ingredient

Banger to heat up concentrates

If smoking tobacco or other herbs in a bong does not appeal to you, then perhaps oils, waxes and concentrates are more to your liking. If you want to try heating liquid substances in a water pipe, you will need a banger. This accessory will allow you to smoke oils in an effective and safe way. With a banger, you can transform your water pipe into oil smoking equipment without having to buy a new bongo specifically for smoking dabs. The banger installs in your water pipe as an accessory that allows you to produce oil smoke that is pleasant and gentle to inhale

Smoking a water pipe is a pleasant way to relax after a long, stressful day. Many people use bongoes to enhance the effects of the smoke or to improve the flavor. Water pipes can be used to smoke both tobacco and herbal mixtures, as well as oils and waxes, if you have the right accessories for it. Buying gadgets for your bong will make it easier and more comfortable to use, so it is worth investing a few pennies to smoothly enter the world of water pipe smoking.

Photo by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke/Pixabay

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