Autumn cleaning - where should you necessarily start?

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Autumn cleaning - where should you necessarily start?

Long autumn evenings are the perfect time to catch up on household chores and put everything in order. The end of summer is also a good time to change the decorations in the apartment and give it an autumn feel. 

Washing the windows 

This task is often left for the moments before Christmas. During this period there is no shortage of additional household chores, so there is no reason to add another one to yourself. What’s more, washing windows in freezing weather is no fun. Autumn is the right time to clean window panes and frames of dust and dirt that have managed to collect there during the summer. By Christmas, the windows will not be so dirty, and shortly before guests visit, they will only need a quick wipe of a small layer of dirt. 

Putting your closet in order 

Another integral part of autumn cleaning is to make order in the closets with clothes. In autumn and winter, summer clothes are no longer useful, so it’s worth packing them up and securing them for the coming months. At the same time, this is the perfect time to take out thick winter clothes and down jackets. It is worth reviewing which clothes are wearable and which need repair or replacement. Winter sweaters can be washed and prepared for wearing so that the cold weather does not surprise us. It’s also worth going through your shoe closets, see if your existing winter shoe collection needs to be replenished or refreshed. 

Preparing the bedroom 

Autumn cleaning is not only about cleaning, arranging and selecting things, but also preparing them for use. One such element of autumn housekeeping is preparing the bedroom for autumn. The first thing that is very often done at this time is to turn the mattress inside out. This should be done twice a year. This allows the mattress to retain its flexibility and strength longer. Another consideration is the preparation of the bedding. While the pillowcases themselves are washed regularly, the comforter or pillows are no longer necessarily. In autumn, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the last remaining days of sunny weather, wash the bedding and let it dry outside. At this time it is also common to replace the summer quilt with a winter one. Its cleaning is also worth taking care of in advance. 

Defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator 

One of the most labor-intensive household chores. However, the rule in this case is quite simple, the refrigerator should be cleaned and defrosted at least twice a year. This is best done in late autumn and early spring. The time of autumn is favorable in that the products in the freezer can be left outside for several hours, as they should not spoil in this weather. Moreover, thawing and cleaning the refrigerator now will make it easier to store and arrange food before and during Christmas, and a place to store Christmas Eve dishes will always come in handy. The inside of the refrigerator should be thoroughly washed and disinfected, and the center of the freezer should be cleaned of excess ice. 

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