Can you run with a dog? We suggest!

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The answer is usually yes, but you need to prepare yourself and your four-legged pet well for canicross. Not all dog breeds are suitable for this because of their physical and mental predispositions. Here is a handful of information about running with a dog.

Why do we desire to run with a dog?

Running is gaining more and more followers. Some people want to combine this enjoyable time for themselves with a useful walk outside for their dog – hence the idea of running together. For others, the opportunity to run with their pet is an additional motivation

Which dog breeds are particularly predestined for running?

a ”born runner” – this is how you can describe some dog breeds for which running is something natural and necessary. Others don’t have such needs and are rather a kind of couch potato, for whom a short walk around the block is enough. So let’s not plan on running with a French bulldog or a Maltese. German Shepherds, Pointers, Dalmatians, Greyhounds and Border Collies will be great dogs for running together

Conditions that a dog must meet to start running with him

Run ”on two legs and four paws” can take place only when both parts of this duo, both human and dog, are absolutely healthy and able to intensify the effort. The realization of the idea of running together should start with a visit to the veterinarian and doing some basic research. It is especially about blood test, heart work and condition of joints. It’s also worth remembering that you shouldn’t run with bitches during their heat.

Playing and resting

Good results in terms of dog’s health don’t mean that a dog not familiar with running should immediately run long distances with us. Excessive running, in addition associating it with compulsion, is definitely a bad solution. The best idea is to start with a walk, ending with a jog. The time for running will come later, but even then you need to make frequent rests. It is assumed that the optimal age to start training running with a dog is 12 – 18 months. We should get our dog used to the effort so that it treats it as entertainment and opportunity to use its energy.

John Dog – How to run with a dog? Canicrossing – TRAINING

Observation is essential

For the sake of your dog’s health, he should be closely observed by us at all times. This will allow us to make the best possible decisions regarding breaks in running, slowing down or increasing the pace of the jog or trot. It is normal for a dog to yawn during a run. It is not necessary to consider health problems of the animal. During stops, make sure your dog is properly hydrated – be sure to carry a water bottle with you

Where to run with a dog?

The best choice will be dirt roads with a soft surface, which will not have a bad impact on human and dog joints. The dirt roads are a great choice for running with your dog especially in the summer, as the hot asphalt can burn your dog’s paws. In more desolate areas, we will also worry less about your pet’s obedience

What equipment to choose for running with a dog?

The basic equipment, perhaps apart from a collapsible dog bowl for feeding water, will be a harness. It’s worth choosing a model with a handle along the spine, which will allow us to control the dog’s movements comfortably and confidently. In addition, you should purchase a hip belt for the runner and a leash with a suitable shock absorber

Is it possible to run with a dog every day?

This question must be determined, taking into account the individual predispositions of the dog. For some animals, running every day even 10 kilometers is great fun and is completely sufficient. Other dogs will require a much greater distance. It should be remembered to provide our pet with optimal conditions for recovery after the run

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