Get Your Groove On With Rave Diffraction Glasses!

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Get Your Groove On With Rave Diffraction Glasses!

When you’re at an event like Electric Daisy Carnival or Lightning in a Bottle, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you will be able to see the show. Yet, many of us have experienced the challenge of trying to enjoy the massive light shows and intricate laser effects with our naked eyes only to find ourselves blinded by the colourful array of lights before us. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Rave diffraction glasses let you get your groove on while still providing your eyes with much-needed protection from the dazzling show in front of you. Learn more about rave diffraction glasses now!

What are diffraction glasses?

Diffraction glasses, also known as prism glasses or light diffraction glasses, are designed to be worn over the eyes and are meant to cause a light pattern to appear on the walls. They can be especially helpful for people who need some help with their focus or for those looking for an immersive, therapeutic experience. Essentially, they make fun and funky patterns out of light! In fact, diffracting light with a prism is what happens when we observe rainbows from the sun’s reflection in droplets of water. These wearable pieces highlight what you see work much in the same way by shining certain colours through a grating onto your retinas so that you can watch colourful rainbows dance across any surface.

Why wear them?

Groovy diffraction glasses can be worn during any daytime activity as a stylish accessory to make your outfit pop or as a novel costume piece for Halloween. You may have seen these light diffraction glasses before at an EDM event, but did you know that you can rock these awesome accessories in the comfort of your own home? These prism glasses are versatile and with their new shape and frame design, they look just like the cool retro ’80s-style sunglasses. For a night out on the town, we recommend donning these rave diffractions before heading out into the nightlife because they will allow you to enjoy all the flashing lights that attract crowds of people to clubs, concerts, carnivals, bars and parties.

How do you wear them?

For better viewing, you should wear them over your glasses, which works well if you’re only going to be using them for a while. For night use they are fantastic to help protect your eyes from that bright light that makes it hard to sleep. And then of course there is the new addition to the rave world – the prism glasses. These are just like traditional diffraction goggles but instead of a slit they have a wide opening and they use prisms rather than slits in order to create those eye-catching patterns when spun in light or water. They also come in different colours and are interchangeable so you can get whatever look you want for any occasion!

Which ones should you buy?

There are so many diffractions glasses on the market that it’s hard to know which ones to buy. In general, there are three categories of diffraction goggles: those that make colours more vibrant, those that turn any light into a rainbow-coloured beam, and ones that bring hidden text messages or images into view. What you want to look for is whether or not the company makes warranty claims about their glasses–some offer lifetime warranties while others offer guarantees if you’re unhappy with your purchase. One of the most interesting features of these rave diffraction glasses is how they can be worn during an EDM festival without being kicked out. You’ll have unrestricted views in all directions even though you’re standing just feet away from massive speakers.

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