An innovative bridge in Amsterdam. It was printed in 3D!

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An innovative bridge in Amsterdam. It was printed in 3D!

This is the first steel bridge of its kind in the world that was realized using 3D printing technology.

The futuristic footbridge has appeared in the heart of the Dutch capital. It is 12 meters long, and its width is 3 meters. Moreover, for its construction as much as 4500 kg of stainless steel was used. The concept of the bridge was created by Dutch designer and artist Joris Laarman, while the company MX3D was responsible for its implementation. The official opening of the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists was attended by the Queen of the Netherlands

The intelligent bridge

This innovative bridge is also equipped with special sensors, thanks to which it is possible to make various measurements, such as traffic volume or its technical condition. The creators of the project hope that it will initiate other, more advanced constructions of this type used in the construction industry. Tourists and residents will be able to use it for two years, until the renovation of the old bridge is completed.

Main photo: millionairemob/Pixabay

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