How to plan an active vacation in the summer?

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The vacations are approaching, which means it’s time for a long-awaited vacation and rest. Some people will probably choose to rest in the coastal climate, which will be filled with lying on the beach, sunbathing, swimming in the sea, or visiting restaurants and bars. There are, however, and those who strongly refrain from lying in the sun on the sand, and decide to active recreation. Mountain hiking, biking, exploring many new places are just some of the activities that can be undertaken. In this article we will tell you how to plan an active holiday

Type of activity

At the beginning you should decide what you really expect from active rest. Do you want to conquer new mountain peaks, hike already known trails, or maybe use a bicycle to travel? It is important to determine at the beginning what activities we choose, set the start and end date, as well as the expected routes. This will allow you to carefully plan such recreation, as well as determine the various implications of these decisions.


An active holiday involves the need to equip yourself with the right equipment for it. Remember that it does not always have to be new, and wrto take advantage of offers to rent or buy used, but in a condition that allows you to continue using it. If you have decided on an activity and location, think about what you will need for it. For example, if you are planning a longer cycling route, but from a place you want to get to by car, you will not only need a good quality bike, but you will also need to equip it with a good quality bike bike mtbbut you will also need to equip your car with bike carrier for 4 bikes. During such a trip you will also need a comfortable helmet, good lighting for your bike, and it is worth taking spare tires and a pump with you. When hiking in the mountains, you should remember about good shoes and a map, and when climbing peaks – about dedicated specialist equipment. As you can see, when planning your trip it is worth paying attention to the equipment which is suitable for the activity and allows you to make it successful



During active vacations remember about suitable clothing. Bet above all on their comfort, as well as their quality and material. It is worth to think about sports clothing, which is made of air-permeable material, adjusted to the activity (e.g. bicycle shorts or thermal shirt) and simply the one, in which you will feel comfortable during the whole day. You should also bring clothing that matches the weather that is forecast for your vacation. Remember, however, that even if the forecast is for high temperatures and sunshine all the time, it does not hurt to bring a rain jacket and something for cool evenings

Detailed planning

Although active holidays often have their own schedules and not everything can be predicted, it is still worth taking care to plan the route in detail beforehand, as well as the associated accommodation, meals and other important points. During the vacations, it can be difficult to get a room on the spot without a reservation, so it’s a good idea to announce your arrival by contacting the place where you plan to relax after a long day. When it comes to meals, it’s also a good idea to make sure you have provisions with you – you won’t always find a restaurant or store along your route just when you need it. Planning an active vacation may seem difficult, but when you know what to prepare in advance and what to look out for, you will be able to enjoy your summer vacation in peace!

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